18 Relatable Tweets About How We’re (Barely) Handling Our Election Anxiety

To say this year has been rough would be an understatement. And with a high-stakes election underway, many of us are just barely functioning.Now, more than ever, it’s important to take time to care for your mental and physical health. Maybe that means talking to your therapist or getting in a good sweat. For some, it might mean taking a break from the horror that is daily life to laugh it out.If you’re in the latter camp, you’ll appreciate this list of perfectly relatable tweets about the anxiety people are feeling over this election. Seriously, we’re laugh-crying over how accurate these are.What do you get when you mix covid anxiety, seasonal depression, cuffing szn, good old-fashioned regular depression & election stress then take away one hour of sunlight? Bitch we’re about to find out— wittyidiot (@stephenszczerba) November 1, 2020 Really hoping that anxiety and pure liberal rage are personality traits because honestly that’s all that’s left of me after this election season.— Geraldine (@everywhereist) Oktober 21, 2020 For Halloween, I am dressing as a person who is able to complete a single task without being overwhelmed by election anxiety.— Ben Yahr (@benyahr) Oktober 29, 2020 My partner whenever I talk about election related anxiety (which is…. often). pic.twitter.com/sh1EJqaBSF— Sarah Mirk (@sarahmirk) Oktober 23, 2020 did election anxiety hit you so hard you slept 10 hrs during the day today or are you normal— esther tseng (@estarLA) November 2, 2020 The only thing that’s getting me through this election anxiety is the fantasy that somewhere Taylor swift is in a recording studio doing her re-records and giving us the 11 minute version of all too well— kathryn gallagher (@kathryng) November 2, 2020 Very normal to stress eat anywhere between 3,000-76,000 calories on Election Day.— Eden Dranger (@Eden_Eats) Oktober 25, 2020 my regular depressionseasonal depressionpandemic depressionelection depression and general anxiety teaming up pic.twitter.com/DE5xjIKqf7— Michael Tannenbaum (@iamTannenbaum) Oktober 28, 2020 Fun game: what’s causing my anxiety today-2 cups of coffee-the pandemic-the 2020 election-being poor— 1984’s George Whorewell (@EwdatsGROSS) July 23, 2020 I am stressed about the election and self-soothing with haikus, please enjoy: Eight days ’til we know.Or longer. No way to tell. Please vote. Please vote. Please.— Sabaa Tahir (@sabaatahir) Oktober 26, 2020 One of the real upsides of shoving down all my anxiety and rage about the election is I’ve got absolutely top-quality S-tier ultra-concentrated gourmet anger available at the press of a button for absolutely everything else— Helen Rosner (@hels) Oktober 29, 2020 election anxiety and pandemic anxiety and existential anxiety rollin around in my brain like pic.twitter.com/lVd5nnkQD0— emma lord (@dilemmalord) November 1, 2020 New fun game: is it early covid or election stress? Let’s play!— Emily Galvin-Almanza (@GalvinAlmanza) Oktober 28, 2020 I would like to announce I am hereby suspending all self-imposed dietary restrictions until November 4th. I will eat refined sugar products and processed food and carbs and fats and drink soda and milkshakes, as needed, for my mental health until after the election. Join me. pic.twitter.com/FZkr3qcj4t— rabia O’chaudry (@rabiasquared) Oktober 28, 2020 I just bought a stand mixer as an election season gift to myself because consuming bread helps my anxietyThat is self care, right??— alton wang (@altonwang) Oktober 29, 2020 Sometimes I get so worried about the election I forget to worry about not catching Covid— Caitlin Flanagan (@CaitlinPacific) Oktober 27, 2020 *Me, a Canadian calling for a dentist appointment*Receptionist: Is Tuesday November 3rd fine?Me: Ja–OH GOD ISN’T THAT ELECTION DAYReceptionist: There’s an election??Me: IN AMERICAReceptionist: Doesdoes that matter then?Me: NO BUT I WOULD BE VERY STRESSED OUT— XIRAN, Chinese History Memer (@XiranJayZhao) Oktober 29, 2020 this election anxiety feels like waiting for scheduled surgery— november blaine (@blainecapatch) November 1, 2020

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