18 Tweets That Speak To An Introvert's Core

If you’re an introvert, you value your alone time. You tend to think before you speak. You’d much rather socialize one-on-one than in a group. A phone call is probably your worst nightmare. But most of all, you are silently strong.It can be tough to prefer being alone in a world that values sociability. But take heart, quiet types: Twitter has your back. Each month, we round up spot-on tweets that capture what it’s like to be an introvert. Scroll down for our latest batch.1. I haven’t gone out over the weekend for like eight months now. That’s a record even for me.— Introvert Life (@IntrovertLiving) 구월 12, 2020 2. sometimes introverts find so many things to entertain themselves with at home that they forget the outside world exists— Jenn Granneman (@JennGranneman) 십월 3, 2020 3.pls don’t take me ignoring you personally, i am ignoring everyone equally to stay sane— bria (@bria_sullivan) 구월 10, 2020 4.Contactless delivery is a gift to introverts. I get pizza AND I don’t have to interact with a human? Hell yeah, sign me up— Ian Coldwater 📦💥 (@IanColdwater) 구월 9, 2020 5. Quiet moments 💕 pic.twitter.com/iKqJWDBovp— Marzi (@IntrovertDoodle) 십월 15, 2020 6. Being a parent and an introvert is hard. That’s it. That’s the tweet.— elysa ellis (@elysa) 구월 17, 2020 7. introverts can love “their people” and be completely drained by them at the same time— Introvert, Dear (@IntrovertDear) 구월 25, 2020 8. If you want some kind of yardstick as to how introverted I am, I’ve JUST started missing socialising in person. 😂— Emily Leary (@AMummyToo) 십월 5, 2020 9. Online introverts have been awfully quiet ever since they won the war on parties.— Joel Kim Booster (@ihatejoelkim) 구월 25, 2020 10.Introverts be like; How rude of you not to invite me to something I didn’t want to go.🤷🏻‍♂️ #IntrovertProblems— kyayaarparth⚡? (@parthhh31) 십월 18, 2020 11. I have responded to or sent three (3) text messages today and my ability to socialize is completely depleted. #introvertproblems— Jessica BOO-roldi 👻 (@jstapfinator) 십월 13, 2020 12. Socially distant, naturally. #introvert #introversion pic.twitter.com/7awYwjxrtc— INFJoe (@INFJoe) 구월 29, 2020 13.When my phone rings, I stare at it and convince myself that if it’s important they’ll text.#introvertproblems— Sanchari (@m_sanchari) 십월 11, 2020 14.I take the stairs 90% of the time in my building to avoid having to talk to someone on the elevator… #introvertproblems— Paul Martin (@PaulHarryMartin) 십월 13, 2020 15.The frustration of receiving more attention by being asked why you’re so quiet or if you’re ok when you’re minding your own business. #introvert #introvertproblems— Leave Me Alone Thanks! (@GrumpyLassie) 십월 19, 2020 16. I miss sitting in cozy heated bars with a drink in my hand hating all the people around me #introvert— Jenn Granneman (@JennGranneman) 십월 5, 2020 17. When all of this is over, please continue to stay 6 feet away from me.#introvertproblems— Babu Bhaiya (@uthalay_re_baba) 십월 11, 2020 18.pic.twitter.com/3UP6eCdzHo— Introvert Life (@IntrovertLiving) 구월 26, 2020 Join Canceled Plans, our online introvert community, for articles, comics and more.6 Things You Thought Wrong About IntrovertsSee Gallery .elections-register-promo {





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