2020 Election Live Updates: Read The Latest On Races Around The U.S.

Tuesday is the last day voters can cast their ballots in the 2020 verkiesing. President Donald Trump (R) and former vice president Joe Biden (D) are facing off at the top of the ticket. Also at stake is control of the Senate, House of Representatives and statehouses around the nation. For more information on the 2020 races, visit HuffPost’s Elections Hub. It could take a long time before the results of some races are clear, including the race between Trump and Biden. A historic number of voters cast their ballots by mail because of the coronavirus pandemic, and some key swing states do not begin counting absentee ballots until Election Day. Polls show that mail-in voters are disproportionately likely to support Biden, which on election night could lead to a “red mirage,” where Trump takes an initial lead until absentee ballots are counted over the course of days. Read live updates on the election below. (Note: An ad blocker may prevent you from seeing the blog, so if you’re using one, please pause or turn it off.)




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