31 Dei tweet più divertenti su cani e gatti di questa settimana (novembre. 7-13)

“Woof - è stata una settimana lunga. Se hai la sensazione di aver lavorato come un cane - o se il ciclo di notizie astrofiche dei gatti ti sta facendo venire voglia di artigliare i tuoi mobili - lascia che ti offriamo l'equivalente Internet di un grande mucchio di erba gatta: tweet esilaranti su cani e gatti. Noi Shih Tzu no. Ogni settimana su HuffPost, setacciamo Twitter per trovare i post più divertenti sui nostri palloni di pelo preferiti che sono dei veri idioti. e, sì, sicuramente ti faranno ululare. Quindi scaccia il tuo gattino dalla tastiera e goditi alcuni ottimi tweet. E se ne vuoi un po' di più, non c'è bisogno di pregare. Dai un'occhiata al lotto della scorsa settimana proprio qui. I love you, let me stand on your larynx. – cats— Brokengirl (@SarcasticSadOne) novembre 12, 2020 This is Julie. She’s the only thing keeping the tower from falling. Not sure why it’s her responsibility, but she doesn’t mind. 14/10 pic.twitter.com/JgKX0PLXP5— WeRateDogs® (@dog_rates) novembre 11, 2020 my cat tried killing me today. she’s so cute— pick me stuff me name me she/her🏳️‍🌈 (@mysadsadmelody) novembre 11, 2020 this dog looks so proud of himself pic.twitter.com/sZNEUthnAd— Humor And Animals (@umorandanimali) novembre 12, 2020 my cat has been cuddling with me all day 🥺 pls look at her on my leg rn pic.twitter.com/0oR3a6UYc5— trip or treat 😈 in (zine) hell (@lewdwolves) novembre 8, 2020 A journalist went to an abandoned dog shelter to do a report, moved to see the dog cling to him like this, he adopted it. pic.twitter.com/aLIUy9yKkH— The Feel Good Page ❤️ (@akkitwts) novembre 9, 2020 I think the best part of getting a third cat is the amount of men that’ll be scared away 🥰— Sydney Leathers (@sydneyelainexo) novembre 13, 2020 From @hobbikats: “Dexter is a bit rowdy” #catsofinstagram pic.twitter.com/w2ppHxhelY— Cats of Instagram (@catsofinstagram) novembre 9, 2020 one of my cats sits by the front door *every night* like he’s all set, ready to leave & quite honestly i find it offensive bc he has an excellent life here— Leah Stacy (@leahstacy) novembre 9, 2020 What she is doing?? pic.twitter.com/9IEDCdH9XC— Popular Cats (@PopuIarCats) novembre 13, 2020 first time putting a sweater on my cat and its going well pic.twitter.com/OI7vaNlfTI— Belinda Garcia (@bbcgarcia) novembre 12, 2020 The one drawback to having a cat is observing her daily schedule — wake up, eat, gaze out the window at the falling rain, nap, briefly dash around the apartment like a cat possessed, nap, gaze, eat, sleep — and getting extremely jealous— Sarah Kaplan (@sarahkaplan48) novembre 12, 2020 How is your head tilt game? ♥️🎥: lola_our_gsd (IG)#mydogiscutest pic.twitter.com/AvkdLoeCjQ— My Dog Is Cutest (@mydogiscutest) novembre 10, 2020 I told my dog she was adopted today.— cloakzy (@cloakzy) novembre 13, 2020 I wonder if my neighbors would let me take their dog on my early morning walks. Every time I pass their housethis happens! #thoseeyes pic.twitter.com/bF6zMVm6Tb— Angela Romero (@RepAngelaRomero) novembre 12, 2020 This is Houdini,Houdini hates meHoudini is my catpic.twitter.com/d8tFaTRedq— paulo suconic (@thesuconic) novembre 10, 2020 It’s raining, so naturally Pepé and Jenga are trying to out-drama each other by sitting silently in the middle of nothing. pic.twitter.com/NeRZyqbim3— Blair Braverman (@BlairBraverman) novembre 10, 2020 My cat: has an entire box full of an assortment of cat toysAlso my cat: ignores them and plays with a receipt— Sweet Dee (@hotmessexpressx) novembre 12, 2020 my dog found a half eaten chicken wing on the street and refused to let it go, I was so embarrassed. I promise we got food at da house— kimmy kim (@___kmg) novembre 11, 2020 did my mom get a chair specifically for my dog ? maybe pic.twitter.com/BCBIQrvjJz— autumn upchuck (@autumndaun) novembre 12, 2020 HE KISSED THE CAMERApic.twitter.com/byrBO1gwBe— Popular Cats (@PopuIarCats) novembre 9, 2020 Every kid deserves to grow up with a good dogpic.twitter.com/OzAfE14xVj— Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (@RexChapman) novembre 12, 2020 My cat thinks she is so subtle with her brush-by-my-legs-so-I-know-she-is-in-the-room-and-loudly-crunch-on-her-dry-food-near-her-empty-wet-food-bowl energy.— BDM *Estrid wears a mask and so should you* (@Top8Games) novembre 12, 2020 Creature of the night. pic.twitter.com/wmeyJPhr5p— Welcome To Nature (@welcomet0nature) novembre 11, 2020 That fence won’t stop him from playing with the good boy next door. Best game of catch ever#goodboys#cutenessoverload (goldencompanions IG) pic.twitter.com/Bn2LVEcluC— Golden Retriever Channel (@GoldretrieverUS) novembre 10, 2020 the thing i say most often to my dog: “MY SWEET SWEET BOY”the thing i say most often to my cat: “WHY.”— Aiden Thomas 🌈👻 (@aidenschmaiden) novembre 11, 2020 Are you going to help me hooman? 😍 #CatsOfTwitter #cats pic.twitter.com/lqMwnU4jWS— missenell (@missenell) novembre 11, 2020 my girlfriend sent me this pic of her dog but there’s no dog ?? pic.twitter.com/FBnXLUNxyb— crash thee bandicoot (@tcemily_) novembre 13, 2020 The way the other dogs eyes look over when you ask him who did this..lol 🐕🦮 pic.twitter.com/XHeroc9gBH— Shimon piamenta 🇺🇸🇮🇱シモン (@PiamentaShimon) novembre 11, 2020 This is Cleo. She gets made fun of for the way she sits. Tries not to let it get to her but it does. 14/10 don’t listen to them Cleo you’re perfect pic.twitter.com/o4CIuWmllq— WeRateDogs® (@dog_rates) novembre 12, 2020 Something about a dog named Cleo bring made fun of for sitting weirdMy cat Lou says ‘hold my beerpic.twitter.com/QV1uqVyF6H— Chris Stein (@chrissteinplays) novembre 12, 2020




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