38 Funny Things People Have Learned About Partners While Working From Home

Seven months into the coronavirus pandemic, those of us who’ve been in lockdown with our significant others could write whole books about their weird habits and the little factoids about their childhood they’ve let slip out of sheer boredom. If you’re working from home together, you’ve met the work version of your partner, 也: “You scheduled a recurring work meeting at 7:30 上午. on Mondays? What kind of monster are you?”And if “whole books” is stretching it, there are definitely some pretty entertaining tweets out there. Below, we’ve rounded up 38 funny, relatable tweets on the new things people have learned about their partners thanks to COVID-19. 1one thing I’ve learned about my wife since we both started working from home is that she listens to way more Ying Yang Twins than I ever suspected— Garrett Martin (@grmartin) March 23, 2020 2the weirdest thing i’ve learned about my husband during quarantine is that he wear shoes every day of quarantine— Lisa Conn (@LisaDConn) June 5, 2020 3Just found out my husband has like 20,000 unread work emails and now I want to go cry in a corner. It’s giving me anxiety. How does he do it?— Ellyn Degenerate (@EllynDegenerate) 十月 9, 2020 4I was today years old when I learned my wife doesn’t “believe” in ice cream trucks.— Schrödinger’s Bacon & Egger (@JJJ_Jr_Shabadoo) June 13, 2020 5I have learned that my husband bought these life straws at the start of the pandemic because he thought we were going to be surviving in the wilderness and drinking from puddles or something. I’m not sure I knew this person well enough when we married. 😂 pic.twitter.com/CHnKf8YhQh— OiYan Poon (@spamfriedrice) June 24, 2020 6Things I’ve learned about my partner since working from home:1. He should not eat dairy anymore2. He types louder than anyone I’ve ever heard type3. I would absolutely make fun of him to other coworkers if he were my coworker— Ashton (@potterashton) March 17, 2020 7I just found out my husband believes the cousin on Fresh Prince was Carson not Carlton and Beethoven is pronounced Beat-hoe-ven— Jenn (@JennLMcC78) 十月 17, 2020 8A few days ago I found out my boyfriend loves The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother and I’m dying to know how much Tinder costs now?— this is me tweeting (@pittworldwide) 十月 19, 2020 9Things I have learned about my husband in lockdown: He has a weekly conference call on mon at 7:30am. I asked \what asshole scheduled that?\” He said \Me.\— supergrrl7 (@supergrrl7) 九月 14, 2020 10the worst thing I’ve learned about my husband during isolation has been that he enjoys progressive commercials. and that we’ve been watching so much buffy on Hulu that he can quote. every. one.— Reiko Scott (@allison_reiko) 四月 19, 2020 11Since working from home I’ve learned that my spouse has the despicable habit of never closing anything ever (cabinets, doors, jars, the FRIDGE) and talks on Zoom calls as if he had to communicate to the entire crowd at the Super Bowl without a microphone.— Erin Manott Morris (@epm_morris) 可能 8, 2020 12Tonight I learned that my spouse consistently has an ENTIRELY EMPTY inbox because he does things like \archive\and \delete\and may I say what the fuck.— Sara Barnard (@saramegan) 九月 9, 2020 13Just learned about my wife’s favorite mole. How’s your quarantine going?— laura joh (@laurajoh_) 八月 14, 2020 14I was today years old when I found out my girlfriend had a toothpaste addiction as a child— DYLAN HART (@dylan_hart12) 七月 8, 2020 15Things I’ve learned about my partner during WFH quar:1. We essentially do the exact same job at different agencies (same convos, clients, joys, frustrations). It’s kind of insane we’ve never realized this.2. It him 👇 https://t.co/gufBLg1zJm— Tess McBride 🌬 (@Tess_McBreezy) 九月 25, 2020 16my boyfriend JUST learned that Judy Garland was Liza Minnellis mom??? Homeschooling during the pandemic has been exhausting to say the least:/— Gossip Jew (@alyserosenblatt) 九月 11, 2020 17Things I’ve learned about my husband during quarantine: he claims to “hate” trashy reality shows, but as long as I start it when he’s not paying attention he’ll be yelling shit at the tv in 15 minutes pic.twitter.com/k4FwPso2yk— My Tootie (@Show_Yer_Tweets) March 21, 2020 18Modern Love pitch: I have kept my sourdough starter alive throughout the pandemic and have only now learned that my partner does not like sourdough. And here are the lessons we learned along the way:— Nishant Batsha (@nishantbatsha) 十月 19, 2020 19something i didn’t know about my partner and learning now that he’s wfh with mehe likes to talk to his computer \what? why is that happening\” \”不, stop\”\”where did that thing go?\”\”why isn’t this working?\” pic.twitter.com/DdCnG2XymU— beth phelan (@beth_phelan) March 18, 2020 20I just found out my husband BITES lollipops. I’m justspeechless— Kendall Hogan (@KBTXKendall) 十月 15, 2020 21things I’ve learned about my husband since quarantine:-He had never seen Ferris Bueller until today ?-He watches a lot of documentaries -His middle name is Ryan— Nichole Cordle (@Nicholayy12) 四月 4, 2020 22The worst part of working from home is having my wife hear all the work jargon I use. I told someone I’d be \out of pocket this afternoon.\She asked me what that meant and I told her I literally have no idea.— Spooky Skoog (@Skoog) 七月 9, 2020 23I was today years old when I learned that it took a pandemic to get my boyfriend to clean the kitchen. #QuarantineLife— Cooper Lawrence (@CooperLawrence) 四月 6, 2020 24Things I’ve learned since living with my boyfriend: Whenever I hear “Where we dropping boys?” I do not have a boyfriend for the next 3 小时. I have a very loud roomate that takes up the couch and my ability to watch Netflix.— Kenzie Winkler✨ (@Kenzie__Winkler) June 18, 2020 25Everyone’s partners are working from home and learning so much so anyway I just found out my partner DOUBLE SPACES AFTER THE PERIOD.— Make Them Pay (@ToriGlass) March 24, 2020 26the one thing I’ve learned about my boyfriend since living with him that actually deeply disturbs me is that he likes to drink his coca cola warm— ali – 不 (@softgarbagecan) March 20, 2020 27I was today years old when I learned my husband eats waffles like tacos.— Billy Easley II (@billyez2) 八月 6, 2020 28what I’ve learned about my partner in quarantine is that they have literally no flaws. help I am a marginally housebroken raccoon.— Look at Me (@sistermaddona) 可能 9, 2020 29Fun fact I’ve learned about my boyfriend since being quarantined with him for a month:-he jumps like hes just been shot If you touch his nipples— ♡monster fucker♡ (@pchyghoulfriend) 四月 11, 2020 30One of the strangest things I discovered about my partner during lockdown is that he pours the baked bean tomato sauce out and eats the beans essentially dry. Am I the only one who finds this weird? pic.twitter.com/CLxBiILNoi— Adela Simonova (@AdelaSimonova) 可能 8, 2020 31A thing I have learned about my partner in these quarantiney times: he eats his last slice of pizza FROM CRUST TO TIP. I repeat: HE EATS HIS LAST SLICE OF PIZZA FROM CRUST TO TIP.— Angela May Kruger (@angelamayyyy) March 21, 2020 32My husband has been working from home for 6 weeks. I’ve learned that he basically gets paid to be in meetings. Speak in meetings, meet with other people about their last meeting, and have meetings to plan for the next meeting. 😬🥱😧— Adrienne Barnes (@AdrienneNakohl) 可能 5, 2020 33One thing I learned about my wife while staying homeshe has several matching track suits. Apparently I married Puff Daddy!— Chilly (@Chilly2183) 四月 10, 2020 34I was today years old when I found out my girlfriend thought John Lennon and John Legend were the same person.— Sam Behr (@sambehr) 九月 25, 2020 35I’m going to start a series of things I’ve learned about my husband during quarantineI’ll start with the fact that he told me he “doesn’t like” easter candy. Wtf does that even mean. Have I married a psychopath?— emily veronica (@emvarnold) 四月 12, 2020 36Random things I’ve learned about my partner during quarantine: He’s never heard the song Margaritaville, or seen the movie Grease. I don’t know why both of these things bother me so much.— Bridget (@TheCosmicCake) March 24, 2020 37A funny thing about quarantining is hearing your partner in full work mode for the first time. 喜欢, I’m married to a “let’s circle back” guy — who knew?— Laura Norkin (@inLaurasWords) March 19, 2020 38I was today years old when I discovered that my girlfriend thinks the chorus to Coolio’s ‘Gangsta’s Paradiseis: 🎶 Me and Stanley lost our lives living in the Gangsta’s Paradise 🎶I’m officially done. 🤣 pic.twitter.com/4WBJTsZ2yq— Slasher Trash (@SlasherTrash) June 17, 2020