40 'Welcome To Adulthood' Tweets That Sum Up Life As A Grown-Up

“L'età adulta arriva con tutta una serie di sfide e opportunità per la scoperta di sé. Mentre tutti abbiamo le nostre esperienze e stranezze, alcuni aspetti dell'essere adulti sono universali. At least that’s what the funny folks of Twitter would have us believe.We’ve rounded up 40 “welcome to adulthood” tweets that sum up life as a grown-up.Welcome to adulthood.You get mad when they rearrange your grocery store now.— Abby Heugel (@AbbyHasIssues) April 4, 2019 Ciao, welcome to adulthood! You’ll be constantly tired except for right before you need to go to sleep.— Swishergirl (@Swishergirl24) April 23, 2014 Welcome to adulthood, grocery stores and elevators play your old jams now.— Maryfairyboberry🧚🏻‍♀️ (@maryfairybobrry) ottobre 7, 2019 Welcome to adulthood. You now have strong opinions on mattresses.— Jessie (@mommajessiec) April 27, 2019 Welcome to adulthood. Your body now crackles like a carnival glow stick when you get up.— girl on the hill (@Mom_Overboard) March 20, 2019 Welcome to adulthood. You have a favorite burner on the stove now.— Abby Heugel (@AbbyHasIssues) January 18, 2019 Welcome to adulthood. You always have at least 6 remaining dirty dishes after filling the dishwasher— ~*Wellness Witchery*~ (@TheMandiEm) agosto 11, 2018 Welcome to adulthood. You now have a “morning routine.”— The Untastic Mr. Fitz (@UnFitz) May 23, 2018 Welcome to adulthood. Freezer space is now a commodity.— Celeste Yvonne (@andwhatamom) Luglio 30, 2019 My 8 year old son: I feel icky.Me: Welcome to adulthood.— Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) dicembre 31, 2013 Welcome to adulthood, where youthful optimism is replaced by anger when the grocery store cashier bags your items out of the order you specifically put them on the belt.— Abby Heugel (@AbbyHasIssues) novembre 26, 2018 Welcome to adulthood. Hope you enjoy panic attacks.— Swishergirl (@Swishergirl24) Luglio 10, 2014 Welcome to adulthood. You watch television shows about people buying houses now.— John Lyon (@JohnLyonTweets) April 30, 2018 Welcome to Adulthood, I hope you like Ibuprofen.— Wonder Kitten (@Tw1tter_K1tten) March 22, 2016 Welcome to adulthood. Using a good pen brings you joy now.— Kristen (@Kica333) ottobre 13, 2019 Welcome to adulthood. Cancel the exorcism, the groaning and creaking sounds are you.— Maryfairyboberry🧚🏻‍♀️ (@maryfairybobrry) ottobre 8, 2019 Welcome to Adulthood. Don’t get too excited about getting 6 hours of sleep, that just means your back will be EXTRA sore for the next week, at least.— MomTransparenting (@momtransparent1) September 13, 2019 Welcome to adulthood. You now have a favorite toilet stall at the office.— Celeste Yvonne (@andwhatamom) April 3, 2019 Me: Don’t hit people.4-year-old: But I really want to!Welcome to adulthood, kid.— James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn (@XplodingUnicorn) agosto 24, 2014 Welcome to adulthood.The weather makes you angry now.— Abby Heugel (@AbbyHasIssues) February 28, 2019 Welcome to adulthood. You now have a favorite brand of antacids.— WittySassBasket™ (@WittySassBasket) March 7, 2019 \”Ciao, welcome to adulthood. My name is dread and I’ll be taking over for excitement.\— Nicole Betz (@TomHanksIsHot) March 28, 2014 Welcome to adulthood, if you sleep on the wrong pillow you’ll feel like you got in a motorcycle accident for three days— Eternal Samnation (@portmanteauface) Luglio 22, 2020 Welcome to adulthood. Everything annoys you now.— Just Some Guy | Black Lives Matter (@Home_Halfway) September 7, 2017 Welcome to Adulthood. ⁰⁰The quality of your day is now completely dependent on whether you remembered to bring lip balm and Advil when you left the house.— The Mom at Law® (@TheMomAtLaw) agosto 25, 2018 Welcome to adulthood. You thought you had no responsibilities today but then you woke up and suddenly have 307 things to do.— Dadman Walking (@dadmann_walking) September 26, 2020 Welcome to adulthoodYou probably have an opinion about which type of trash cans you like best for your kitchen and bathroom— Mom On The Rocks (@mom_ontherocks) May 16, 2019 Welcome to adulthood. Ibuprofen is the new skittles.— Innocent Illusion (@DianaG2772) May 22, 2018 Welcome to Adulthood. Your inner monologue is constantly screaming now.— 𖤐 Father Drinks McGee 𖤐 (@drinksmcgee) May 9, 2018 Welcome to adulthood! Instead of Christmas presents in the mail, you get bills.— Mommy Owl (@Lhlodder) dicembre 4, 2019 Welcome to adulthood, be careful handling bleach while wearing your good sweatpants.— TheBabyLady (@thebabylady7) ottobre 11, 2017 Just saw the wind take a kid’s balloon away and he just stared at it as it floated away. Not a cry or anything, just watched it. Welcome to adulthood kid.— Trey (@treydayway) ottobre 16, 2018 Welcome to adulthood.You have a plastic bag filled with 56 other plastic bags now.— Abby Heugel (@AbbyHasIssues) Luglio 9, 2020 Hello and welcome to adulthood. If you do not yet have several drawers in your house full of various cables, wires, and adapters, one will be assigned to you shortly.— the Mom TruthBomb (@momTruthBomb) June 8, 2020 Welcome to adulthood, where not flossing for one night instills previously unfelt amounts of self-loathing.— Jennifer S. bianco (@yenniwhite) May 15, 2017 Welcome to adulthood, where you’ll spend 90% of your time wondering how some of these fuckers made it to adulthood.— Bʀɪᴀɴɪᴀᴄ® (@BGH70) ottobre 27, 2018 Welcome to adulthood.Loud cars make you angry now.— Abby Heugel (@AbbyHasIssues) September 22, 2020 Welcome to adulthood. I hope you like tylenol and disappointment— Cats Against Humanity™ (@CatsVsHumanity) April 15, 2020 Welcome to adulthood! You have 4,302 emails in your inbox yet you go 2.5 weeks on average between seeing grown ups you actually like in person. Everything is simultaneously crowded and lonely🙈— ~*Wellness Witchery*~ (@TheMandiEm) March 20, 2018 Welcome to adulthood.You are bored and angry and you don’t know why.— girl on the hill (@Mom_Overboard) Luglio 24, 2018




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