41 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Perfect For Siblings

Halloween means it’s time for cute children’s costumes, and better yet, cute and coordinated children’s costumes, even if you’re just showing them off at home.For siblings who are game to match their brothers and sisters for the spooky holiday, there are plenty of outfit options, from classic movie duos to superhero teams and food combos. It’s safe to say these coordinated costume ideas will distract from any sibling rivalry, especially with all of the time we’ve been spending at home.Here are 41 Halloween costume ideas that are perfect for siblings:1Alice in Wonderland and the White RabbitKira Kaufman2Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-It FelixKendra Williams Van Otterloo3TrollsMelissa Marie Burgoon4Santa Claus and the GrinchKevin Bailey5Thing 1 and Thing 2Angela Meyer6Ariel and Sebastian from \The Little Mermaid\Kristen Hood7\Harry Potter\CharactersKim Ann Mansfield8A Starbucks Barista and DrinkLiz Payne9\Freeze Rey\and BB-8 from \Star Wars\Jeni Dushane10Washing Machine and DryerAbigail Cabingao11Alvin and the ChipmunksSerena Smith12Richard Simmons and Olivia Newton-JohnCostume Works13\Frozen\CharactersSelena Hodges14Darla and Alfalfa from \The Little Rascals\Costume Works15An Ewok and Princess Leia from \Star Wars\Costume Works16A Bee and a BeekeeperAmber Elliott Cartwright17Disney VillainsCara T.18Gizmo and Stripe from \Gremlins\Costume Works19Marty McFly and Doc from \Back to the Future\Kelly Marie20Woody and Buzz from \Toy Story\Mary Frances Rizzuto21\Ghostbusters\and a GhostRobyn Bourgoin22A Rainbow and a Rain CloudCostume Works23The Wicked Witch of the West and Her Flying MonkeyTracy Gaug24The Great American Road TripCostume Works25Alice and the Queen of Hearts from \Alice in Wonderland\Costume Works26Batman and a BatMaria Paola Galvis Rodriguez27Eleven and Mike from \Stranger Things\Amy Pozin Kelley28Tinkerbell and Terence from the \Disney Fairies\FilmsKristina Brockmann29FoodTiffany Kinnison30The Cast of \The Wizard of Oz\Tina Irene31Snow OwlsJeni Dushane32A Lobster and a ChefPolly Berra33Darth Vader, Yoda and Princess LeiaJamie Russo Sarabalis34Max and the Wild Things from \Where the Wild Things Are\Costume Works35A Monkey and a BananaNicole Kapos36Sally and Jack from \The Nightmare Before Christmas\Colleen Stewart37Peter Pan and TinkerbellNicole Guilfoil38PB&JCostume Works39Maleficent and Sleeping BeautyKatie Quiring Wendt40SuperheroesKiley Burton Buttacavoli41Carl and Russell from \Up\Monica GodinThis article has been updated to include new costumes.

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