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Zeta Takes Aim At Hurricane-Weary Gulf Coast

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["NEW ORLEANS (美联社) — Louisiana braced Wednesday for what is expected to be its third hurricane strike this year as Zeta, the 27th named storm of a historically busy Atlantic hurricane season, headed toward an expected...

Zendaya Has A Very Interesting Non-Answer About Major ‘Spider-ManRumor

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["Jimmy Kimmel tried to catch Zendaya in a (spider) web of lies. The “Euphoria” star is in Atlanta filming the third Marvel Spider-Man movie, and rumors are swirling that it will bring back former Spideys (Spidies?) A...

You Aren’t Ready For This Soccer-Playing Moose

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["Call it Lionel Moose-i. A soccer-playing moose wandered onto a playing field in Homer, Alaska, recently and showed some bystanders how it’s done. The athletic moose kicks the ball around and somehow propels it towar...

Yet Again, Trump Rally Attendees Stranded On-Site For Hours After Trump Leaves

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["BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI via Getty Images People listen while President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at Richard B. Russell Airport in Rome, 乔治亚州, 十一月. 1, 2020. On Sunday night ― and for the second time in one...

是的, 我现在将“接触”特朗普选民, 再次进入 4 年. 这就是为什么.

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["某处, 在印第安纳州, 我童年的牧师正坐在他的台式电脑前发布假新闻, 在他的 Facebook 上向一群正义投票反对我权利的人展示了模因和大量未经核实的事实。.

Years After Trump’s ‘Zero ToleranceBorder Policy, Hundreds Of Families Remain Separated

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["The parents of at least 628 migrant children who were separated from their families by the Trump administration in 2017 和 2018 still haven’t been located, lawyers tasked with reuniting the families said in a court...

Yale Experts Think They’ve Found A Way To Manage Tantrums — Once And For All

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[]["debbiehelbing via Getty ImagesA new pilot program shows promise for how it could help parents manage tantrums. Tantrums and meltdowns are a normal part of growing up. Estimates suggest that up to 90% of toddlers h...

Worst Things To Do While Dining Out During COVID-19, According To Servers

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[]["Dealing with inconsiderate and rude customers is par for the course in the restaurant industry. But given the elevated risk for COVID-19 to be transmitted at restaurants, poorly behaved guests have never been more...

World War II Vet Beats COVID-19 In Time To Celebrate 104th Birthday

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["BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (美联社) — An Alabama man who spent World War II repairing bomb-damaged trains in France recovered from a fight with COVID-19 in time to mark his 104th birthday on Thursday. Major Wooten was physically ...

Women Have Spent Trump’s Time In Office Building Political Power

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["插图: 赫芬顿邮报; 相片: Getty Three days after Election Day in 2016, I got a message on Twitter from a new friend. She was having a handful of people over, mostly women, to sit and talk and process and — mos...

Women From Travel Ban Countries More Likely To Give Birth Prematurely: Study

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["Women in the U.S. who are from countries listed on President Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban are nearly 7% more likely to deliver babies prematurely than non-Hispanic white women born in the U.S., according to a ne...

With Inaction By Washington, States Scramble To Offer Virus Aid

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["SANTA FE, N.M. (美联社) — Faulting inaction in Washington, governors and state lawmakers are racing to get pandemic relief to small-business owners, the unemployed, renters, and others whose livelihoods have been upende...

With Amy Coney Barrett In The Wings, SCOTUS Conservatives Hint At Radical Voting Decisions

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["美国. Supreme Court refused to stay a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling protecting absentee voting rights in the state on Monday by locking 4-4 and thus accepting the lower court’s decision in the case. While the...

Wisconsin’s Rising Democratic Star Lt. 政府. Mandela Barnes Is Scared

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["AP Photo/Morry Gash Lt. 政府. Mandela Barnes says Democrats have a lot of work to do after winning Wisconsin by such a close margin in 2020. Joe Biden won Wisconsin. That is a big deal. Donald Trump won it in 2016, a...

Wisconsin Teen Charged With Buying Rifle For Kyle Rittenhouse

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["A 19-year-old Wisconsin man was charged with felony weapons offenses for allegedly purchasing the AR-style rifle that 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse is accused of using to kill two people during protests in Kenosha ov...

Wisconsin Republican Party Says Hackers Stole $2.3 Million

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["麦迪逊, 威斯. (美联社) — Hackers stole $2.3 million from the Wisconsin Republican Party’s account that was being used to help reelect President Donald Trump in the key battleground state, the party’s chairman told The A...

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