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特朗普竞选委员会花费 $1.1 上周在特朗普地产上的百万美元: 报告

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["唐纳德特朗普总统的竞选委员会花费超过 $1.1 在总统竞选的最后几周,他在自己的房产中拥有数百万美元, 华盛顿邮报周五报道. 这使得一个惊人的总数 $6...

Man Plummets Into Sinkhole As He Waits For Bus, Finds Horror Below

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["A New York City man was waiting for a bus recently when he fell into a sinkhole that held another horrific surprise for him ― a swarm of rats. (See the accident below.) Leonard Shoulders, 33, suffered a broken arm a...

Progressive Candace Valenzuela Concedes House Race In Texas Against Beth Van Duyne

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["Candace Valenzuela conceded her race in Texas’s 24th Congressional District to Republican Beth Van Duyne. After narrowly trailing Van Duyne for a week after Election Day, Valenzuela, a progressive candidate, conced...

Letterman Says A Trump Loss Would Be ‘A Relief To Every Living Being In This Country

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["David Letterman thinks President Donald Trump is going to lose reelection bigly. If you didn’t know, the former “Late Show” host isn’t a fan of the current president, which he made clear in a recent interview with V...

David Fincher Rips Into ‘JokerAs A ‘Betrayal Of The Mentally Ill

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["As a master of the psychological thriller film, director David Fincher has a few notes regarding the smash success “Joker.” The gritty origin story of the DC Comics supervillian raked in more than $1 billion at the...

What’s The Average Student Loan Debt By State? This Map Breaks It Down.

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[]["Student loan debt is a major burden on Americans, one that’s been growing exponentially over the years. Not only have tuition fees skyrocketed over the last few decades, but also the job market demands increasingl...

Stephen Colbert Ditches Jokes To Call Out Every Republican Standing With Trump

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["“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert delivered a largely joke-free first half of his monologue on Thursday night to call out Republicans in the wake of President Donald Trump’s outrageous speech. The president attacked...

Walmart Removes Guns From Floor Displays, Citing ‘Civil Unrest

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["Retail giant Walmart has removed guns and ammunition from its U.S. sales floors out of concern for theft amid “civil unrest” over the killings of Black people by police. Guns will remain available for purchase upon...

“实时腐败”: 代表. 凯蒂波特撕碎麦康奈尔,因为他阻碍了刺激法案

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["代表. 凯蒂·波特 (D-加利福尼亚州) 抨击参议院多数党领袖米奇麦康奈尔 (R-Ky。) 本周他拒绝支持两党刺激立法, 指责强大的共和党立法者在背后工作。.

Dan Rather Comes Up With Biting New Way To Explain Electoral Process To Donald Trump

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["Veteran journalist Dan Rather on Friday put the electoral process into words that President Donald Trump may be able to understand. With Trump promoting conspiracy theories about mass voter fraud and baselessly accu...

Getting ThroughWith Mominatu

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["插图: Isabella Carapella/ HuffPost; 相片: Seyni Ba and Getty Images Mominatu At just 26 岁, Mominatu has lived many lives. She’s traveled the world — Puerto Rico, Portugal, India, Tanzania and Ecuad...

Military Spouse Decries Trump’s False ‘Criminal Voter FraudAllegation

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["The wife of a U.S. Air Force major lashed out after she and her husband were falsely accused of “criminal voting fraud” in Nevada by Donald Trump’s campaign. “We knew our votes were legal and we had done nothing wr...

CNN Has Advice For Kirstie Alley After She Slams The Network’s COVID-19 Coverage

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["In an exchange that can best be described as “peak 2020,” CNN fired back at Kirstie Alley on Friday, after the actor criticized the network’s COVID-19 coverage. The spat began when Alley, who is known for her conse...

11 Amazing Photos You Missed This Week

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["Amid the ever-changing news cycle, it’s easy to miss great images that fly under the radar. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. We’re highlighting exceptional photos from around the world for the week just ended. Ch...

Eric Trump’s Latest Attempt To Question The Election Goes Awry

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["Eric Trump on Tuesday appeared to continue to deny the 2020 election defeat of his father when he shared this image on Twitter:— Eric Trump (@EricTrump) 十一月 10, 2020 Social media user...

The Scariest Days Of The Trump Presidency Could Be The Final 74

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["AP Photo/Evan Vucci As President Donald Trump starts the lame-duck era of his presidency, he still has immense power. WASHINGTON — Americans nervous about a president who wanted troops to shoot border crossers, 和 ...

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