Amber Ruffin's Lil Doof Can't Rap For Trump Anymore On 'Late Night'

“Amber Ruffin’s Donald Trump-backing rapper is done with hip-hop forever after barely getting started. The “Late Night” writer’s Lil Doof, inspired by the real-life rappers expressing support for Trump, performed Tuesday amid the president’s continued false claims that the election was stolen from him. The loyal Doof began his gig by saying, “Anybody who makes me pay a lot of taxes can’t have my vote.” That prompted the first of several interruptions from host Seth Meyers. Finally, Lil Doof broke down. “Being a rapper is hard, you know” the performer said. “I don’t even wanna be doing this. I thought this would be easy. Trump told me he needed a rapper to endorse him to get the Black vote and that if I did that he’d give me a buttload of money.” LD had more to say on Trump’s involvement and, with a little encouragement from Meyers, officially retired. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Lil Doof.




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