Americans, Cancel Thanksgiving Plans To Prevent The Spread Of COVID-19. Love, Canada.

Canadians have a clear message for our southern neighbours ahead of American Thanksgiving celebrations this week: stay home and stay safe. As Canada continues to weather its worst surge in COVID-19 cases six weeks after Canadian Thanksgiving, many here are warning that our southern neighbors could see an even bigger and more devastating spike following their annual gathering for turkey and gratitudes. We know, because we’ve already gone through it. One of the oddities of North American calendar scheduling is the dichotomy between so-called Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving. The two events are usually celebrated more than a month apart — the former in the second week in October and the latter is mid-to-late November. Deagreez via Getty Images Please, please, please don’t do this. That means in the year 2020, hindsight is literally 20-20 when it comes to Canadians and the risk of getting together for the holidays. COVID-19 cases have spiked across Canada in the past month since Thanksgiving and Halloween. On Oct. 12, Canada had over 185,000 COVID-19 cases. Only six weeks later, that number has nearly doubled, with experts attributed much of the surge to personal gatherings like Thanksgiving dinners. Canadians and Americans alike are saying the surge is proof that nothing is worth the risk. Our surge here in Canada is traced back yo our Thanksgiving in October. Not worth it folks!— Dood (@DDstermann) 十一月 21, 2020 hello america this is what happened with canadian thanksgiving— patrick (@patwmurray) 十一月 15, 2020 FYIOur surge here in Canada is traced back to our Thanksgiving in October. Toronto and Peel Region is back in lock down Not worth it folks!— Dood (@DDstermann) 十一月 21, 2020 In mask wearing Canada we had a huge jump after Thanksgiving. It was nothing like this. Throw in Xmas 2 incubation periods after and that is very worrisome. Stay safe.— jaksy (@Blergy1) 十一月 21, 2020 If that’s not enough Canada is having a very serious second wave. Numbers were slowly rising in Sept. Canadian Thanksgiving changed that. Provinces that had almost no cases are now hot spots.— PSBlaw (@BregmanPs) 十一月 21, 2020 My area went from around 100 cases a day to over 700 as a direct result of our thanksgiving and Halloween.The US is way more into Thanksgiving than Canada.All those assessing the risk is worth it, just look at our numbers and rethink that.— Liz (@MizLzie) 十一月 22, 2020 Epidemiologist Jennifer Nuzzo told CBS News that Canada’s numbers should serve as a warning to Americans. “Even without the data from Canada, this is a warning. We have reason to worry about Thanksgiving in the U.S. just on the principles of it,” Nuzzo said. Thanksgiving dinners are particularly risky when it comes to spreading COVID-19, as they often involve family members traveling from different areas to mingle and share food and drinks in close proximity indoors. Canadians who did stay home for turkey day are assuring Americans that a smaller Thanksgiving is not the end of the world — you can still eat pumpkin pie with just your household. FYI, for all my American friends. All the Canadians I know already skipped gathering for Thanksgiving 6 weeks ago and it was fine. You can do it. You can still eat pie.— Kalli Anderson (@kallipearl) 十一月 23, 2020 Dear America,We all skipped Thanksgiving in October and it was fine.Yours truly,- Canada— Aidan Moher (@adribbleofink) 十一月 23, 2020 For my friends in the USA lamenting a Zoom #Thanksgiving this year with your family: Look on the bright side. When you eat too much, you won’t have to undo the top button on the pants you’re not wearing.— Meanwhile in Canada (@MeanwhileinCana) 十一月 23, 2020 For our thanksgiving here in Canada was just me and my 30 year old son that lives with me. We got a chicken and did the regular turkey trimmings/sides. Talked with my family who were doing the same. Christmas who knows what.— Laura Gubbe (@gubbe_gubbe) 十一月 22, 2020 We already celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada and our numbers are not as high as yours. We stayed home and will be staying home for Christmas as well. It is the gift we can all give to our loved ones. Not rolling the dice with their lives— Mama South (@MamaSouth) 十一月 23, 2020 Ultimately in the battle of which country’s Thanksgiving is best, we know what the answer is. Zoom Thanksgiving > Canadian Thanksgiving > U.S. Thanksgiving— Canadian Forces in 🇺🇸 (@CAFinUS) 十一月 19, 2020 Take it from Canadians: nothing beats a safe Thanksgiving this year. HuffPost 冠状病毒指南 哪些航空公司在假期旅行中封锁了中间座位? 冠状病毒与流感的传播方式有何不同? 你能在不永远失去朋友的情况下关闭你的 COVID“泡沫”吗? 假期看望祖父母安全吗? 当你也在挣扎时如何帮助焦虑的朋友? 每个人都应该得到有关COVID-19的准确信息. 通过今天成为HuffPost会员,支持无付费壁垒的新闻业-并使每个人都免费.