Baby Yoda Eating A Macaron On 'The Mandalorian' Is 'Too Adorable'

This cookie made the internet’s heart crumble. Baby Yoda ate what looks like a macaron on the new episode of “The Mandalorian,” and it was just too adorable for fans on Twitter. The little green one, aka The Child, has consumed Frog Lady eggs and a spider-like creature in previous installments of the “Star Wars” series, but his latest culinary adventure proved to be the sweetest. “Literally the most WHOLESOME thing EVER!!” one viewer wrote. So here’s what happened. (Spoiler alert!) Baby Yoda, whom Mando has left in school on Nevarro, holds out his hand to a classmate who’s eating one of the cookies. The kid refuses, and Baby Yoda uses the Force to pilfer them. His cute little squeaks and munching noises put the scene over the top. CW: #TheMandalorian | Spoilers Baby Yoda used force to take another kid’s macaroon, HE’S REBEL.— tara (@wesjunkie) novembre 20, 2020 May this picture of baby yoda eating a space macaron be a blessing upon your twitter feed— Nerd Girl Says (@Rachael_Conrad) novembre 20, 2020 Baby Yoda macaron lives rent free in my heart from now on.— Shahntastic (@memosoto) novembre 20, 2020 #themandalorian *spoilers*baby yoda is too adorable w his lil macaron 🥺💙— i love din djarin ♡ mando spoilers (@pascalsbabyy) novembre 20, 2020 baby yoda in paris, eating a macaron. #TheMandalorian— clément. (@driversfilm) novembre 20, 2020 #BabyYoda eating a macaron is what the world needs right now #TheMandalorian— yonderbiscuit (@yonderbiscuit) novembre 20, 2020 I didn’t know how badly I needed to see #BabyYoda eating a macaroon until today. #TheMandalorian— Heather Concannon (@hmmconcannon) novembre 20, 2020 CW// MANDO SPOILERSokokBaby Yoda eating a macaron was literally the most WHOLESOME thing EVER!! I wish Disney+ would let me take screenshots on the iPad app because there’s so many good moments!! ;_; 💖💖💖💖💖— Anakin • CEO of wholesome Vader (@skytrashguy501) novembre 20, 2020

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