Barack Obama Punctures Trump’s Biden Election Conspiracies With A Football Analogy

“Former President Barack Obama used a football analogy to debunk President Donald Trump’s ongoing attempts to steal the 2020 election. Obama likened Trump’s baseless claims of mass voter fraud and his false assertion that he actually won the vote to the losing team refusing to accept defeat in the Super Bowl, even though everyone was watching and keeping score. “I guess if you had the other team just refuse to acknowledge it and you had half the league say ‘we’re not sure it’s true’, you’d have a similar controversy,” Obama said in an interview that aired on Monday’s broadcast of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” The first bit of the interview aired last week. “But when that starts happening, the game itself breaks down,” Obama continued. “And in this case, it’s not a game, it’s our democracy. Our democracy starts falling apart. Imagine if, going forward, every single election is treated this way, at every level. Imagine if Democrats acted this way.” President-elect Joe Biden “is going to be the next president,” Obama affirmed, adding: “But we don’t want to get into a pattern where we are just willing to throw out what we have agreed to previously including our constitutional structure.” Check out that part of the interview here: And the other segments here:

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