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Donald Trump kan net nie ophou verloor in die bedrieglike 'Groundhog Day'-styl sleepwa nie

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["President Donald Trump kan net nie ophou om syne te herleef nie 2020 verkiesingsverlies in 'n bedrieglike flieksleepprent wat deur "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" vrygestel is. Die spottende snit ― getiteld “Verkiesingsdag” ― is gebaseer op die 1993 film “Gr ...

Biden wenke na 'n meestal virtuele inhuldigingseremonie: 'Die sleutel is om mense veilig te hou’

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["Die verkose president Joe Biden - wat die meeste stemme in die geskiedenis van die presidensiële verkiesing ontvang het - kan ook uiteindelik die stilste inhuldiging in onlangse geheue hê. Biden het gesinspeel op 'n afgeronde seremonie sonder die gebruik..

‘Monster HunterMovie Pulled From Chinese Cinemas After ‘KneesJoke Falls Flat

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["“Monster Hunter,” Sony Pictures’ big-budget film based on Capcom’s long-running video game franchise, was pulled from China theaters because of a scene that Chinese audiences found offensive. The film, directed by ...

Giuliani Asks Woman To Remove Mask Days Before Virus Diagnosis In Resurfaced Clip

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["Just days before President Donald Trump announced that his personal and campaign lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, tested positive for COVID-19, Giuliani asked a witness beside him at a Michigan hearing if she would be comfort...

Boba Fett’s Message On ‘The MandalorianHas Apparently Been Decoded

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["Even in a galaxy far, far away, they still have 23andMe. Or something. Though Gus Fring himself, Giancarlo Esposito’s Moff Gideon, captured Baby Yoda-Grogu in the latest episode of “The Mandalorian,” putting him in...

Shawn Mendes Watches James Corden Hound Him And Camila Cabello In 2015

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["James Corden sprung a throwback clip on “Late Late Show” guest Shawn Mendes on Monday, and the singer had feelings about it. (Watch it below.) The video shows Corden grilling Mendes and Camila Cabello in 2015 oor ...

Getting ThroughWith Mominatu

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["Illustrasie: Isabella Carapella/ HuffPost; Foto's: Seyni Ba and Getty Images Mominatu At just 26 jaar oud, Mominatu has lived many lives. She’s traveled the world — Puerto Rico, Portugal, India, Tanzania and Ecuad...

Ron Reagan Blasts ‘GrifterTrumps, Says His Dad Would Be ‘HorrifiedBy The GOP

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["Former President Ronald Reagan’s youngest son believes Donald Trump’s family is using his presidency as a “grift” and that his late father would be “horrified” by the state of the Republican party today. In an inter...

Biden Has 1-Word Response To Trump’s Insult That He’ll ‘Listen To The Scientists

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["Former Vice President Joe Biden on Monday shot back at President Donald Trump’s scornful take on how he’d approach the COVID-19 pandemic if elected president. Trump focused on the coronavirus ― which has killed mor...

Ex-Bush Aide Peter Wehner Tells Evangelicals What Trump Really Thinks Of Them

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["Peter Wehner is warning evangelical Christians that they made a “bad bargain” with President Donald Trump, who does not respect them or their faith. “Trump clearly sees white evangelicals as a means to an end, peopl...

Trevor Noah’s Horrific History Of Trump’s Foreign Trips Is Road To Hell

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["Trevor Noah took a trip down memory lane recalling President Donald Trump’s meetings abroad ― and it wasn’t a pleasant journey. In the video below posted Tuesday by “The Daily Show,” the host recounted the president...

25 Of The Best Backyard Wedding Dresses For Any Type Of Bride

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[]["The COVID-19 pandemic has forced couples getting married to downsize, with many moving their weddings from larger venues to intimate backyard settings.Brides who are looking for dresses, jumpsuits or pants to matc...

Ryan Reynolds Celebrates His First TimeVoting With Blake Lively

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["Actor Ryan Reynolds shared a funny moment with fans about how his wife Blake Lively helped him during his first time ― voting in America. The Canadian-now-also-American “Dead Pool” actor joked: View this post on Ins...

Trump het beslag gelê op Biden se opmerking oor die oliebedryf. Maar was dit eintlik skadelik?

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["President Donald Trump het Donderdagaand Joe Biden se oproep vir 'n oorgang van olie na hernubare energie aangegryp, 'n beroep op kiesers in die energieproduserende state van Texas, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma to take...

Rachel Maddow Delivers Stinging Rebuke Of Donald Trump’s ‘Ego-FeedingPandemic Rallies

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["MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Friday tore into President Donald Trump’s ongoing mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic and his insistence on flouting safety guidelines to hold rallies across the country. The host of “Th...

Spain Declares National State Of Emergency Over Coronavirus Outbreak

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["BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Spain declared a second nationwide state of emergency Sunday and ordered an overnight curfew across the country in hopes of stemming a resurgence in coronavirus infections, Prime Minister Ped...