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Trump’s Twitter Tantrum, Safety Net Cuts And Biden Transition: Uitsigte van HuffPost-lesers

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["HuffPost illustrasie In 'n onlangse peiling, een van HuffPost-lede se mees gevraagde kenmerke was 'n samevatting van leserskommentaar. Elke week, HuffPost-redakteurs lees jou kommentaar op ons topverhale en beklemtoon dié wat c...

With Amy Coney Barrett In The Wings, SCOTUS Conservatives Hint At Radical Voting Decisions

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["Die VSA. Supreme Court refused to stay a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling protecting absentee voting rights in the state on Monday by locking 4-4 and thus accepting the lower court’s decision in the case. While the...

Facebook, Twitter Put Warnings On Trump’s Claim That Democrats Are Stealing Election

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["Facebook and Twitter placed warning labels on posts in which President Donald Trump claimed he had won the 2020 election and that Democrats were “trying to steal” victory. Late Tuesday night, Facebook put a label be...

Virginia Military Institute Superintendent Resigns Amid Probe Into Racism Claims

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["(AP Photo/Steve Helber) The barracks, right, and chapel, links, at Virginia Military Institute Wednesday July 15, 2020, in Lexington, Virginia. The school founded in 1839, is the oldest state-supported military colle...

Die 10 Mees gewilde programme op Netflix tans (Nov. 23)

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[][""The Crown" is die gewildste program op Netflix, volgens die stromingsdiens se openbare ranglysstelsel. Die program is ook die gewildste aanbod op die diens, ongeag die formaat. Dit is die tweede week ...

Robert De Niro Issues Warning About The Person Donald Trump May Have Inspired

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["Actor Robert De Niro — a longtime critic of Donald Trump — expressed his relief at the president’s loss in the 2020 election on Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Beat.” But “The Godfather” star warned of what Trump...

Special Counsel Investigating Trump’s Use Of White House For His Campaign

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["The Office of the Special Counsel has launched an investigation into allegations that President Donald Trump’s campaign violated federal law by using the White House as a campaign command center on Election Day. The...

Trump Headed To Georgia As Turnout Driver, But Also A Threat

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["ATLANTA (AP) — Some establishment Republicans are sounding alarms that President Donald Trump’s conspiratorial denials of his own defeat could threaten the party’s ability to win a Senate majority and counter Presid...

Stephen Colbert Takes Naughty Swipe At Trump For Advertising On ‘The Late Show’

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["Stephen Colbert discovered that President Donald Trump advertises a lot on “The Late Show.” (Watch the full monologue video below.) “Wow,” a surprised Colbert said Wednesday. “Has he seen how I talk about him on thi...

The Surprising Liberalism Of Some Republican Voters

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["Last week’s election held many surprises. Here’s a head-scratcher: At the same time Florida voters backed President Donald Trump in the presidential election by a roughly 3-percentage-point margin, they overwhelming...

Trevor Noah Hits Donald Trump With A Taunting New Middle Name

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["Trevor Noah taunted Donald John Trump over his 2020 election defeat on Thursday when he hit the president with a mocking new middle name. “The Daily Show” host noted how Trump’s campaign is begging supporters to don...

Goewerneur van Kalifornië sê die staat by COVID-19 'Tipping Point’

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["DIE ENGELE (Reuters) - Die goewerneur van Kalifornië het Maandag gesê die staat is op 'n "wentelpunt" in die COVID-19-pandemie wat hospitale binnekort sal oorweldig namate politieke leiers landwyd hul toenemende agresie raak..

Pennsylvania GOP Sen. Pat Toomey Tells Trump It’s Over, Congratulates Joe Biden

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["Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey issued a statement Saturday night declaring that Donald Trump has “exhausted all plausible legal” challenges to the presidential election, and that it’s time for him to conce...

France Orders Paris Mosque To Close After Teacher’s Beheading

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["PARYS (Reuters) - France ordered the temporary closure of a mosque outside Paris on Tuesday, part of a crackdown on Muslims who incite hatred after the decapitation of a teacher who showed his class caricatures of t...

USPS Says COVID-19 Is Delaying Ballot Delivery In Swing States

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["COVID-19 cases and “employee unavailability” are behind the significant slowdowns in ballot delivery happening in parts of Michigan and Pennsylvania, die VSA. Postal Service told a federal court this weekend. Agency...

130 Unusual Baby Names Parents Chose In 2019

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[]["Roger Wright via Getty ImagesNames given to fewer than 10 babies born last year include Demon, Versailles and Greenleigh.When the Social Security Administration released the official list of the most popular baby ...