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Microwave Energy Likely Made U.S. Diplomats Ill, Studie bevind

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["Alexandre Meneghini / Reuters The U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba, is seen in 2019. Between late 2016 and May 2018, several U.S. and Canadian diplomats in Havana complained of health problems from an unknown cause. WA...

Twitter Users Mock GSA Boss Emily Murphy’s Letter To Joe Biden

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["Emily Murphy, the once-obscure administrator of the General Services Administration, finally signed off on authorizing the transition process between President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden on Monday. T...

Kate McKinnon’s Savannah Guthrie Goes In For The Kill At ‘TrumpTown Hall On ‘SNL

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["Kate McKinnon played “surprise badass” NBC host Savannah Guthrie in a “Saturday Night Live” redo of the president’s town hall in which she skewered Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump. Plenty of viewers were furious that th...

Experts Explain Why Mondays Are So Psychologically Hard

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[]["skynesher via Getty ImagesFor many people, Monday means a loss of freedom, a messed-up body rhythm and a return to an unhappy work situation.As far as days of the week go, Monday arguably has the fewest fans.Multi...

130 Unusual Baby Names Parents Chose In 2019

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[]["Roger Wright via Getty ImagesNames given to fewer than 10 babies born last year include Demon, Versailles and Greenleigh.When the Social Security Administration released the official list of the most popular baby ...

Sekuriteitskundiges vrees dat staatsgeheime nie veilig sal wees met die skuldige Donald Trump nie

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["Sekuriteitskenners wek kommer oor die veiligheid van staatsgeheime wat vir Donald Trump toeganklik is, veral aangesien massiewe skuld op sy besighede vereffen word. Trump het reeds toegang tot geheime wat verwoestend kan wees..

Trying To Marry My Incarcerated Partner During COVID-19 Was A Nightmare, But Love Prevailed

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["Courtesy of Chelsea Moore The author and her husband in the prison visit room before visits closed indefinitely due to COVID-19. In January of this year, I printed out Department of Corrections (DOC) Form 20-213: Ma...

Jake Tapper Issues Stark Warning About What To Expect From Donald Trump In Next 11 Days

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["CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday warned voters to be prepared for an onslaught of baseless accusations from President Donald Trump and his allies over the next 11 days as the 2020 election heads into its final stretch....

Activists Bash Susan Collins For Claiming Systemic Racism Isn’t A Problem In Maine

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["Sy. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said she doesn’t believe systemic racism is an issue in her state during a debate Wednesday against Democratic challenger Sara Gideon, drawing backlash from Black Lives Matter activists....

Pete Davidson Skewers Staten Island ‘BabiesWho Protest COVID-19 Rules

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["Pete Davidson, star of “The King of Staten Island” film, let loose on residents of his home borough on “Saturday Night Live” after a protest against COVID-19 regulations there. The protest erupted went the city ord...

Rudy Giuliani Reportedly Demanded A Hefty Price For His Trump Legal Work

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["Rudy Giuliani is denying he has at least 20,000 daily reasons to oversee all of President Donald Trump’s failed court challenges to overturn the election that Joe Biden won two weeks ago. According to The New York T...

This Is What Retail Insiders And Experts Plan To Buy On Black Friday

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[]["Hierdie jaar, the holiday shopping season started earlier than ever thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Retailers have been stretching out their sales windows and making more deals available online so that shoppers s...

Honeymoon Already Shaky: Joe Biden Hits A Nerve On Twitter With Money Plea

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["President-elect Joe Biden, hat in hand, appealed to voters Friday for funding for his administration’s transition into the White House. Ah, nope would be Twitter followers’ stunned response. “Here’s the deal,” Biden...

Banksy Is Not Behind Those Mysterious Metal Monoliths

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["Those mysterious metal monoliths that have been popping up worldwide? Wel, Banksy is not behind them. “Nope,” a representative for the famed British street artist told HuffPost Tuesday in a one-word response to spe...

Major California Donors To Urge Gov. To Pick Woman Of Color To Replace Harris

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["A coalition of major political donors in California will urge the state’s governor, Gavin Newsom (D), to appoint a woman of color to fill Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ Senate seat when she assumes office in Ja...

KAART: Costco sal nie meer klappermelk verkoop wat met gedwonge aaparbeid gemaak is nie

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["Costco is die jongste kleinhandelaar wat ophou om klappermelk te verkoop wat na bewering met gedwonge aaparbeid in Thailand gemaak is, volgens die diereregtegroep People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA said that the bi...