CNN Host Van Jones Moved To Tears Over Biden's Win

“CNN host Van Jones was brought to tears while on air Saturday as he offered his take on the victory of President-elect Joe Biden.  Jones began by stating that Biden’s win made it “easier to be a parent this morning.”  He went on, becoming more and more choked up: “It’s easier to be a dad. It’s easier to tell your kids character matters, telling the truth matters, being a good person matters. And it’s easier for a whole lot of people. If you’re Muslim in this country, you don’t have to worry the president doesn’t want you here. If you’re an immigrant you don’t have to worry the president gonna be happy to have babies snatched away or send dreamers back for no reason. It’s vindication for a lot of people who have really suffered. ‘I cant breathe’ — that wasn’t just George Floyd; that was a lot of people who felt they couldn’t breathe. Every day you’re waking up, you’re getting these tweets and you’re going to the store and people — who have been afraid to show their racism — are getting nastier and nastier.” Jones wept as he spoke about the hate that had swept across the United States during Trump’s four years as president, and finally called Biden’s future as the 46th president of the United States a “big deal for us just to be able to get some peace and have a chance for a reset.”  “I just want my sons to look at this,” Jones said. “It’s easy to do it the cheap way and get away with stuff, but it comes back around, and it’s a good day for this country. I’m sorry for the people who lost — for them it’s not a good day. But for a whole lot of people, it’s a good day.” Today is a good day. It’s easier to be a parent this morning.Character MATTERS.Being a good person MATTERS.This is a big deal.It’s easy to do it the cheap way and get away with stuff — but it comes back around. Today is a good day.#PresidentBiden#VotersDecided— Van Jones (@VanJones68) November 7, 2020 Biden, whose win was announced late Saturday morning after he was declared the winner of Pennsylvania, a battleground state that gave him the necessary electoral votes, also won the country’s popular vote and received the most votes in U.S. history. He will be joined by Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), the first woman, Black person and Asian American to hold the office of vice president. 





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