CNN's Kaitlan Collins Burns Kayleigh McEnany For Calling Her An 'Activist'

CNN journalist Kaitlan Collins has no time for Kayleigh McEnany’s passive-aggressive B.S. The White House correspondent even called out the White House press secretary on it to her face and on Twitter on Friday. McEnany gave her first news briefing since Oct. 1, but only answered five questions before ending the news conference, according to RawStory. When Collins tried to get McEnany to answer one more, the White House official smarmily replied, “I don’t call on activists.” Collins snapped back: “I am not an activist and you haven’t taken questions since Oct. 1 and you just took about five, Kayleigh.” She added: “That’s not doing your job, your taxpayer-funded job.” You can see the exchange at the 6:13 mark of the video below: But Collins wasn’t through. She took to Twitter to continue her critique of McEnany’s unwillingness to do the most basic part of her job: Answer the questions of reporters. Appearing in her professional capacity, @PressSec takes only a handful of questions in her first briefing since Oct. 1. Asked why can’t call on all reporters — given it’s been so long and there are not many of us due to social distancing — she called me “an activist.”— Kaitlan Collins (@kaitlancollins) November 20, 2020 En, ja, a little shade was thrown. It’s understandable why someone who hasn’t done their job — taking questions from reporters — in weeks would confuse someone else doing theirs with activism.— Kaitlan Collins (@kaitlancollins) November 20, 2020 McEnany hasn’t responded to Collins’ callout, but the CNN journalist did get lots of support. That podium belongs to the people, not to Kayleigh McEnany. She gets paid taxpayer money to stand in front of an American flag and speak on behalf of our government.It’s no surprise by now, but her comments toward @kaitlancollins are shameful and just plain wrong.— Rep. Jim McGovern (@RepMcGovern) November 20, 2020 Ha! @kaitlancollins with the #KILLSHOT— John Henson (@John_Henson) November 20, 2020 The only activist in that room was @PressSec who represents both the campaign and the WH while getting paid by our tax dollars.— Brian J. Karem (@BrianKarem) November 20, 2020— Bob Segall (@BobSegallWTHR) November 20, 2020

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