Colbert daag Obama uit, Bush en Clinton om COVID-19-entstof op 'Late Show' te neem

“Stephen Colbert het Donderdag oudpresidente Barack Obama genooi, George W. Bush en Bill Clinton op "The Late Show" om die COVID-19-entstof te neem. Al drie voormalige presidente het onderneem om die entstof te neem. Former President Jimmy Carter, 96, urged Americans to get vaccinated, but didn’t say whether he would. Obama said he may get the shot on television to promote its safety. “If they want to get vaccinated on TV, that’s where I work. Come on guys,” said Colbert, who pointed out that Elvis Presley received his polio shot backstage at the “Ed Sullivan Show” in 1956. “Put your antibodies where your mouth is. Come on my show and drop trowel backstage at the Ed Sullivan Theater in my Late Show Immuno-Tabulous Ex-Presidential Jab-a-Rama,” he joked. Check out Colbert’s monologue here: And Colbert’s “Quarantinewhile” segment here:

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