Conservative Columnist Issues Ominous Warning About 4 More Years Of Donald Trump

Conservative columnist Max Boot on Monday begged Americans not to let Donald Trump’s presidency “define the United States for future generations.” “Electing Trump once can be written off as an aberration; electing him twice will leave an indelible stain on our history,” Boot wrote in his latest column for The Washington Post in which he recalled his own arrival in the U.S. from the then-Soviet Union when he was seven years old. Boot warned that Trump, of whom he has been a vocal critic, would see “reelection as an endorsement of his first-term misconduct and a license for even greater abuses to come.” “The United States will cease to inspire hope,” the pundit predicted, e, “instead instill pity and fear.” “We cannot, we must not, turn our backs on the “better angels of our nature” in favor of hatred and division, irrationality and resentment,” concluded Boot, who left the Republican party in 2016. “We are better than this. Aren’t we?” Read Boot’s full op-ed for The Washington Post here.

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