Conservative Columnist Says There’s Only One Way To Save The GOP

The Republican Party can now only be saved in one extreme way, conservative columnist Max Boot argued in his new op-ed for The Washington Post. And that is by completely destroying it to remove any vestige of President Donald Trump. “The GOP needs to be detoxified and de-Trumpified,” Boot declared. Boot, a longtime Republican who has endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden, said he’d “watched with incredulity” the descent “into collective madness” of the party he left following Trump’s 2016 election win. He condemned the party’s infection “by the lunatic QAnon cult,” said “the same trickle-down craziness is evident in the Republican mishandling of the coronavirus” and ripped Trump for giving permission “for Republican bigots to come out into the open.” “America needs a sane center-right party,” Boot concluded. “The only way Republicans will come to their senses is if they see that the path they are on leads to electoral oblivion.” Read the full column here.





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