Conservative Pundit Issues Dire Warning About Trump’s ‘More Deranged And Deluded’ Fans

Conservative pundit Charlie Sykes on Monday warned what to expect from Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters when they finally realize that he is not going to continue as president. Sykes told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace that “a lot of people in the MAGA-verse, in Trumpland” still “honestly believe” Trump will beat President-elect Joe Biden ― despite conclusively losing the election and subsequently dozens of lawsuits aimed at overturning the result. “They do not understand that the election is over,” said Sykes, the founder of the conservative website The Bulwark.“And when reality strikes and they realize that Donald Trump is not going to be sworn in as president, it’s going to come as a shock to them.” Sykes said “we haven’t reached that point with some of the more deranged and deluded supporters out there” and asked, “How many of these sociopaths do you need to act out on this?” “If they sincerely believe that this election has been stolen, that it’s an act of fraud, and they are heavily armed, what possible things could go wrong?"라고 말했다, having earlier noted how armed demonstrators on Sunday showed up at the home of Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (NS) to protest Trump’s loss. “It’s a very, very scary scenario and I think that we ought to be prepared for it,” said Sykes, who condemned other politicians “who are feeding into this, who are putting out the rhetoric and spreading the misinformation and giving oxygen to the various conspiracy theories.” “It’s dangerous now, but I think it’s going to get much more dangerous over the next few weeks," 그는 덧붙였다. Check out the interview here: \”We are not at the worst point yet because there are a lot of people in Trumpland who still honestly believe that Donald Trump will win this electionIt is a very, very scary scenario and I think we ought to be prepared for it\@SykesCharlie w/ @NicolleDWallace— Deadline White House (@DeadlineWH) 12 월 8, 2020

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