Courteney Cox Re-creates Iconic Turkey Dance Because 'Friends' Will Be There For You

“由于大流行,今年的感恩节庆祝活动可能比平时小一些. 但即使是现在, 柯特妮考克斯会在你身边. 星期四, the “Friends” star posted a message on Instagram in which she wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving ― before the video took a turn. Apparently, the actor is constantly sent GIFs of her iconic turkey dance from “The One With the Thanksgiving Flashbacks” episode of “Friends.” In the Season 5 episode, Monica (Cox) dons a turkey and shimmies to cheer up Chandler (Matthew Perry). The turkey dance has become a meme spread far and wide, and Cox thinks sending it to her is justfowl play. If Cox gets one more GIF where she has a turkey on her head and she’s “dancing like a f**king fool, I’m just gonna snap,” the actor said, before revealing it was all in good fun. “Since I’m the symbol of Thanksgiving, here you go. Hope it makes you happy,“ 她说, re-creating the dance (and possibly risking salmonella?). View this post on Instagram A post shared by Courteney Cox (@courteneycoxofficial) The turkey post gobbled up likes and was approaching 3 million views on Friday morning. A one-off “Friends” reunion on HBO Max featuring all six stars was originally set to film in March, but is now reportedly expected to film in 2021. Until then, at least Cox is giving fans content to be thankful for. See the original turkey dance clip below: