Courteney Cox Reveals The Truly Wild Way She Put A Turkey On Her Head

“Courteney Cox is showing off the, uh, questionable method she used to put a turkey on her head, in case you wanted to know. The “Friends” star posted a behind-the-scenes update on Instagram this weekend as a follow-up to her Thanksgiving Day video. In the earlier video, she quipped about being sent GIFs of her iconic turkey dance from a Thanksgiving episode of “Friends” in which Cox’s character, Monica, puts a turkey on her head. Images of it crop up on the internet every November, so in homage, she re-created the moment in 2020. In her video posted Sunday, Cox revealed that getting a turkey on her head for a second time was no small feat. The video opens with a warning to vegans and then shows Cox with what appears to be either a plastic bag or plastic wrap on her head (we don’t advise you re-create this at home). View this post on Instagram A post shared by Courteney Cox (@courteneycoxofficial) “That bone hurts,” says Cox at one point as she tries to shimmy the turkey on her head. “It really hurts.” She also added that the whole process was “so disgusting.” You can watch the hilarity above.

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