Decessi per covid-19, Elezioni in Georgia e Trump perdona: Le opinioni dei lettori di HuffPost

“Illustrazione dell'HuffPost In un recente sondaggio, una delle funzionalità più richieste dai membri di HuffPost era una carrellata di commenti dei lettori. Ogni settimana, Gli editori di HuffPost leggono i tuoi commenti sulle nostre storie principali e mettono in evidenza quelli che tagliano il rumore e ci fanno riflettere, aiutaci a vedere le cose da una prospettiva diversa, avviare conversazioni o addirittura cambiare idea. Per avere la possibilità di essere presentato qui, partecipa ai commenti facendo clic sul fumetto grigio a sinistra, accanto alle icone di condivisione social, che aprirà il pannello dei commenti. I commenti sono stati modificati per chiarezza, ortografia, punteggiatura e lunghezza. Georgia Gov. Pushes Back Against Trump’s Last-Ditch Attempts To Subvert Election “Trump’s presidency has been highly instructive to anyone paying attention. He has brought to light almost countless holes & shortcomings in our governmental & legal systems.” —Bruce Levene “It is legal to challenge election results in courts even when the many lawsuits are frivolous. I cannot believe that it is legal to pressure someone to act illegally to reverse the election results. This is a case where an AG, who was working for the nation not his buddy, would step in and stop the president.” —John Baron Trump Reportedly Considering Pardons For 3 Of His Children And Rudy Giuliani “I don’t understand how you can pardon someone who hasn’t been convicted of a crime. And how can you have a ‘blank check’ pardon process? Shouldn’t the pardon be attached to a specific crime?” —Donna Myers “Isn’t this basically an admission of guilt? How can you pardon someone unless they’ve broken some law?” —B Bryan U.S. Surpasses Record For Coronavirus Deaths In A Single Day “Catching and dying from Covid now, is like being the last soldier to die in a war after the peace treaty has been signed. Widespread distribution of the vaccine is only a few months away, every day that passes after that infections will progressively subside along with your personnel risk. Protect yourself.” —Jeff Hardwick “This was avoidable, plain and simple. But we didn’t have the leadership, and we didn’t have the resolve. Certainly doesn’t speak highly of Trump’s winning ways. And now the battle is twice as bad.” —Old Sage Fox News Lets Trump Spew Lies Unchecked In First Interview Since Election Day “A disinformation campaign, plain and simple.” —David Lee “Maria Bartiromo is not credible now. We see she has no problem presenting what we know are lies. She cannot be trusted to accurately present what we may know as a subject matter expert.” —Stephen Stafford

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