'Daily Show' Imagines Thanksgiving Video Calls With Fox News 'Family'

“Desi Lydic은 Fox News에서 도널드 트럼프 대통령을 사랑하는 "가족"구성원에게 가짜 추수 감사절 영상 채팅을 요청했습니다.. 목요일 공개된 클립에서, “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” correspondent caught up with “aunt Jeanine” Pirro, “cousin Tucker” Carlson and “second cousin Sean” Hannity — as well as Trump’s personal attorney, “uncle Rudy” Giuliani, and Fox Business host, “uncle Lou” Dobbs. But each time Lydic tried to talk about the holidays or mundane topics, her “relatives” just steered the conversation to baseless conspiracy theories, rants about the 2020 election result and the coronavirus pandemic. Check out the cleverly edited bit here:

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