Dan Rather Comes Up With Biting New Way To Explain Electoral Process To Donald Trump

Veteran journalist Dan Rather on Friday put the electoral process into words that President Donald Trump may be able to understand. With Trump promoting conspiracy theories about mass voter fraud and baselessly accusing Democrats of rigging the 2020 election while votes are still uncounted and several states are not called, the president seems unwilling to accept the lead that Democratic nominee Joe Biden currently has over him. Così, Rather broke it down with this tweet referencing the hundreds of millions of dollars of debt that the president reportedly holds. Maybe if we explained to Donald Trump that he is “in debt” to the counted ballots in many states, he could better understand the “math.”— Dan Rather (@DanRather) novembre 6, 2020 Rather had earlier dinged Trump with this post: America: Knock, Knock. Donald Trump: Who’s there?America: The truth.— Dan Rather (@DanRather) novembre 6, 2020 The former anchor on CBS has over the last four years been a vocal critic of Trump, his allies and administration ― once describing Trump’s inner circle as a “flock of felons.”

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