Dispute Over A Dog Leads To 8 People Shot In Nashville, Police Say

Jaime Durkin via Getty Images A dispute in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, (pictured) early Sunday morning led to several people being shot, police said. A dispute over a dog reportedly led to a shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, early Sunday morning that left eight people wounded and two suspected gunmen at large, authorities said. Eight adults were either struck or grazed by bullets, resulting in non-life-threatening injuries, police said. The shooting occurred after a small group of people gathered in downtown around 1 이다. and two men reportedly began arguing over a dog that was with one of them, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department told WKRN. The man with the dog allegedly pulled out a gun during the dispute, prompting a second man to leave and return a few minutes later with a gun, accompanied by several other men. The men exchanged gunfire, police said. The dog was also shot in its hip, and a bystander took it to an emergency veterinarian; the dog’s condition was unknown, Joseph Pleasant, a spokesman for the Nashville Fire Department, told HuffPost. Five people were transported to a local hospital’s emergency room for treatment. All were alert and able to speak with authorities during their transportation, Pleasant added. Police are still investigating the incident and are working to identify the two gunmen, according to multiple reports. Nashville police did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s requests for comment Sunday.

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