Don Lemon Shines A Light On The Election Lies Spread By Donald Trump’s Adult Children

CNN’s Don Lemon on Wednesday highlighted the misinformation that has been spread by President Donald Trump’s adult children in the wake of their father’s projected election defeat. The “CNN Tonight” host noted how Donald Trump Jr. has flooded his Twitter feed with “unhinged and unfounded” claims about election fraud. The social media platform has marked many of his posts as “disputed.” Eric Trump, intussen, was last week busted sharing a fake video that falsely claimed to show ballots cast for his dad being burned. Lemon slammed Ivanka Trump for on Wednesday sharing this tweet from the Associated Press that called Alaska for her father: BREAKING: President Trump and Senate Republicans win Alaska, overwhelmingly and by a massive 20 point spread! Put AK in the books for @realDonaldTrump! Congratulations Senator @DanSullivan_AK!Thank you Alaska! 🇺🇸— Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump) November 11, 2020 Lemon said: “Think about this, Ivanka. If you believe the Alaska projection enough to cheer about it on Twitter based on a projection by the media, then maybe you should be just as confident in your father’s loss and Joe Biden’s win, they are projections as well.” Check out the video here: President Trump’s children have used their social media accounts to spread misinformation about the 2020 election results. CNN’s @DonLemon fact checks their Twitter feeds.— CNN Tonight (@CNNTonight) November 12, 2020

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