Donald Trump Drops Money Into Church Collection Bucket And Twitter Makes Him Pay

President Donald Trump plunked what appeared to be a few $20 bills into the collection bucket at the International Church of Las Vegas on Sunday. And he did it with a bit of ceremony. He dug the cash out of his right pocket, fingered the bills and fanned through them repeatedly before dropping them into the collection container. President Trump gives offering while attending Church services in Las Vegas— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) Oktober 18, 2020 The moment paid off for jokesters on Twitter: Making sure the camera sees all the bills— John Longshoes (@JLongshoes) Oktober 19, 2020 Thats how i count money when a stripper gets off stage— I Am Miami Everthing About Me is Miami (@dobizzo00) Oktober 18, 2020 “Why do I have to donate to church when I paid $750 in taxes and they pay $0???”— Zinc Lin (@LinZinc) Oktober 19, 2020 \”I know they gave this to me to put in the collection plate, but I really want to use it on hamberders ☹\— Pin Young (@PinYoungActress) Oktober 18, 2020 Am I doing it? Is this what humble looks like? How long do I have to do this? This is probably enough, reg?— Sven Sational 🇨🇦🇩🇪 (@Sven_Sational70) Oktober 19, 2020 He looked so uncomfortable! Counting twice how much he gives 😂— 4elyse• (@Ladoucemoi) Oktober 19, 2020 Oh lawd! And he LITERALLY went to no one else in this congregation..— Katri Leigh Howell (@katrihowell) Oktober 19, 2020 He’s going to need to give more than that. And where’s his mask??— Yahnina (D – IL) (@Yahnina3) Oktober 19, 2020 He spends more than that at McDonald’s— Tony Dofat (@TonyDofat) Oktober 19, 2020

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