Donald Trump Jr. se klaaglied oor 'tirannie' word op hom teruggeslaan

“Donald Trump Jr.. het op Twitter gekerm oor 'tirannie' in die Verenigde State en baie mense het gedink dat dit ietwat van 'n eie eienaarskap was. Donald Trump se oudste seun het voortgegaan met sy eie pogings om die 2020 election ― which was won by President-elect Joe Biden, despite the reality-defying legal challenges of the outgoing president ― with this post on Monday: Freedom is losing ground to tyranny very quicklywhat’s truly scary though is how many are willing to allow it to happen.— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) Desember 7, 2020 Twitter users hit back to say the president, who refuses to concede the election which he falsely claimed he has actually won, is the tyrant. “Oh pot meet kettle,” one person responded to Trump Jr. Added another: “I know right? So glad to see you are finally coming to that realization. Welcome to the resistance.” Attempting to overthrow a free and fair election is tyranny! I know I’m going to incite the crazy cult but I said what I said!— Pickle’s Mama (@Mrs_Wegs) Desember 7, 2020 Sir, you misspelled pops lost and i’m crying like a languid gimbus.— Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) Desember 7, 2020 This is scary:Tyranny 101: Profit from emoluments; Exploit nepotism; Scapegoat ethnic groups; Attack press; Deport aliensTyranny 102: Fire prosecutors; Stack courts w/loyalists; Stifle protests; Ignore courtsTyranny 110: Bypass Congress; Rig elections; Pardon criminals— David WrightDon’t be vapid! (@dwright100) Desember 7, 2020 Oh pot meet kettle. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣— Tįñâ Møthērøfkïttëhš #WęåraMäśk (@5158Poundin) Desember 7, 2020 Even a broken clock is right twice a day.— Bethany McCraw (@BWellsMC) Desember 7, 2020 Are you f****** serious with this right now?I can’t rememberwhat’s the definition of “projection” again?— Mark Judson For CongressScorched Earth Dem 2022 (@Judson4Congress) Desember 7, 2020 Tyranny is not accepting the results of a free and fair election. Tyranny is destroying peoples faith in the election process and demeaning the hard work done by the government workers who ran the election.— Bird 🇨🇦🐶🐱🐱 (@ibbirdman) Desember 7, 2020 given your father’s loss, I think I can understand why you’re finally concerned about freedom— DaveResists🌊🌊🌊 (@dvlnd3) Desember 7, 2020 I know right? So glad to see you are finally coming to that realization. Welcome to the resistance.— Lee W (@lee_w18) Desember 7, 2020 Freedom to vote = Tyranny Ok now I know.— Resister LesliePresident Elect Joe 🌊 Biden (@LeslieAMaddox) Desember 7, 2020 Let’s make this simple: Trump had every right to file lawsuits to allege voter fraud. Now that he’s lost ALL of them, Trump’s claims of voter fraud are a cover story for a coup. Every GOP official supporting Trump’s coup is a co-conspirator. This is what FASCISM looks like.— (((DeanObeidallah))) (@DeanObeidallah) Desember 7, 2020 Your father failed in every regard. He failed with Covid-19. He failed with having integrity. He failed with uniting us as a people. He failed with the economy. He failed with representing us in a way that would instill pride. Consequently, he was rejected by the electorate. Bye.— Jim Ignatowski (@JimIgnatowski5) Desember 7, 2020 The tyranny will end when tyrant is evicted on January 20.— Kitten Kaboodle (@ostwaldbrown) Desember 7, 2020 Tyranny is not accepting the will of the people. Biden won.— Sydney Mc (@Sydney_Mc) Desember 7, 2020 I agree. Looking forward to @JoeBiden getting us back on track.— Pastor of Muppets 🧢🇺🇲 (@PastorofMuppet7) Desember 7, 2020 “Tyranny”, just projecting again.Your dad has followed Putin’s playbook to a tee. He has attacked our constitution daily, can you even count how many Court cases he’s lost in the last 4 jare. It’s sour grapes, I truly believe you thought your family would tyrannize for years.— Mary Snavlinmsnavlin (@msnavlin) Desember 7, 2020




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