Election Loser Trump Should Quit And 'Not Be Embarrassing', 체코 대통령은 말한다

“프라하 (로이터) – 도널드 트럼프는 미국을 잃는 것을 인정하는 것이 더 현명할 것입니다. 대선과 사임, 밀로스 제만 체코 대통령, 초기 트럼프 지지자, 목요일에 말했다. 지주, one of the few European politicians who backed Trump before his 2016 election victory but who made no such endorsement this year, told news website www.parlamentnilisty.cz that while it was possible to demand recounts and go to court, Trump should take a different route. “I personally believe that it would be much more reasonable to give up, not to be embarrassing, and allow the new president to take office,"라고 말했다. Trump has refused to accept the victory of Democrat challenger Joe Biden, syaing the Nov. 3 election was rigged. 지주, 76, is a towering figure in Czech post-communist politics, having served as prime minister and won two presidential elections. Czech presidents do not wield the executive power like their U.S. counterparts, but Zeman has used his influence to push for closer ties with Russia and China. Zeman has shared Trump’s initial warm approach to Russia, tough stance on immigration or support for Israeli government policies. But he never received a coveted invitation to the White House and has backed a pro-Russian stance on issues of U.S. interest, including plans to build a new nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic and the extradition of a Russian hacking suspect to the United States.

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