Eric Trump Becomes Twitter Laughingstock After Urging People To Vote... 1 Week Late

Eric Trump found himself the butt of countless jokes on Twitter on Tuesday morning after he issued a rallying cry for people in Minnesota to vote, one week after the 2020 verkiesing. “Minnesota get out and vote!!!” tweeted President Donald Trump’s second-eldest son: Twitter screenshot On Election Day itself, Eric Trump had posted a slew of similar calls: Pennsylvania please get out and VOTE!! We must save America from the radical left!— Eric Trump (@EricTrump) November 3, 2020 Turn Nevada Red!!!— Eric Trump (@EricTrump) November 3, 2020 Nevada – we are so close! Get out and vote ASAP! Let’s #KeepAmericaGreat— Eric Trump (@EricTrump) November 3, 2020 That prompted speculation on social media that Tuesday’s tweet was down to a scheduling error. Eric Trump deleted the post within minutes of it going live. But it still went viral via screenshots. President-elect Joe Biden is projected to take all 10 Electoral College votes in Minnesota, having secured more than 1.7 million votes to Trump’s 1.4 million. Is it is just meor is this the longest Election Day EVER???!— Nick Zerwas (@NickZerwas) November 10, 2020 Scheduled post. Someone picked the wrong Tuesday.— Meg Maker (@megmaker) November 10, 2020 eric trump has come unstuck in time— Emanuel 3080berg (@emanuelmaiberg) November 10, 2020 For those wondering, I’ve concocted an elaborate scheme where I’ve placed Eric Trump into a “Truman Show”-like environment, yet he lives Election Day 2020 over and over like “Groundhog Day”.— Santa Claus, CEO (@SantaInc) November 10, 2020— kristyan benedict (@KreaseChan) November 10, 2020 This should have gone out last week at this time. Eric Trump can’t schedule tweets. Part 2.— drew olanoff (@yoda) November 10, 2020 Please tell me you’re talking about American Idol.— Jenny Johnson (@JennyJohnsonHi5) November 10, 2020 Good morning to all, especially Eric Trump’s most Eric Trump tweet— trevor shelley de brauw (@trevordebrauw) November 10, 2020 oops you scheduled this tweet for the wrong tuesday hon— Robbie Couch (@robbie_couch) November 10, 2020 Did Minnesota land in the stop the count, or count the vote category?— Matthew Smith (@MattSmithKIRO7) November 10, 2020 Eric Trump deleted this tweet, but screenshots are forever— Matthew Champion (@matthewchampion) November 10, 2020 When you schedule the tweet but it’s already after dad lost the election. 😂— Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher) November 10, 2020 It appears Eric Trump scheduled an Election Day tweet for the wrong week.— Matt McDermott (@mattmfm) November 10, 2020 Wrong week dude— Ian Livingston (@islivingston) November 10, 2020

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