Eric Trump Gets Taken To School Over Economic Growth Boast

Eric Trump earned derision on Twitter Thursday for an out of context boast about the growth of the U.S. economy. President Donald Trump’s son bragged about the 33.1% annual rate rise in the third quarter with this post: 🚨🚨🚨 Third Quarter GDP grew by 33.1%! 🔥🔥🔥— Eric Trump (@EricTrump) 십월 29, 2020 Twitter users filled in the gaps. Critics highlighted how the recovery from the economic crash caused by the coronavirus pandemic is far from complete — with the unemployment rate still at 7.9% ― and noted that the economy now appears to be weakening again as a third wave of the crisis sweeps across the country. Yes it did BUT it lost 30% the quarter before. Looks like a 0% gain over two quarters. Booming economy 😂— Stephen Smith (@stphnsmth777) 십월 29, 2020 It’s not really growth. We are still far from catching up— LauraHubka 💙 USN. healthcare prof. #Resist (@LauraHubka) 십월 29, 2020 Second quarter contracted 33%Net gain one tenth of one percent#EnoughIsEnough— Randi Rhodes (@RandiRhodes) 십월 30, 2020 🚨🚨🚨Best con ever!!! A thief returns $50 of the $100 he stole and says you made a 50% profit! Sell this BS somewhere else— Fire the Liar (@JayashreeNara14) 십월 29, 2020 And so where does that put us overall since Jan ‘17? Go ahead. We’ll wait.— Rob Sand (@RobSandIA) 십월 29, 2020 Not so hard to do when it drops 40% Eric— USED TO BE G.O.P. (@Used_To_Be_GOP) 십월 29, 2020 Yes, but that does not help the folks still out of work, those small businesses are not suddenly re-opened. The virus is still out of control, the Senate went home doing nothing to help the people who need it, this is just regaining a small part of what we have lost. Vote Joe— BOO Sue Voted BlackLivesMatter VOTE (@SueBanski) 십월 29, 2020 Hey Eric, if you lose $100Million but then gain back $50Million, are you UP by $50Million, or DOWN by $50Million?— Vote Blue 2020! Keep fighting. (@speerwerfer) 십월 29, 2020 This is what happens when you get your math degree at Trump University.— Steffer🙄 (@srecobo) 십월 29, 2020 Still -4% off late 2019 numbers and that 33% is an annualized number based on the 3rd quarter growth trying to bounce back from 2nd quarter losses. So not really anything to write home about.— Sondrah Laden (@sladen123) 십월 29, 2020 Aw bless you Eric you don’t understand economics do you, maybe you should stick to the easy lessons like potty training ..— Richard Fenton (@RichFenton) 십월 29, 2020 There are still 22 million collecting unemployment.— Honorable Guilded Dirigible (@Memers08) 십월 29, 2020 People are still out of work225,000 deadFood bank lines are hours longCovid testing sites are hours long— I am Sam (@sammierose45) 십월 29, 2020

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