Eric Trump’s Warning About Rudy Giuliani Taking Down ‘Dirtbags’ Backfires

Eric Trump faced ridicule on Twitter after he warned of “dirtbags” being taken down. President Donald Trump’s second-eldest son tweeted Thursday that Rudy Giuliani ― his father’s personal attorney who the same day delivered a conspiracy theory-laden press conference in his latest desperate bid to overturn Trump’s election defeat ― “took down the New York mob.” “Hell take down these dirtbags as well” Eric Trump added. 提醒: @RudyGiuliani took down the New York mob. Hell take down these dirtbags as well— Eric Trump (@EricTrump) 十一月 19, 2020 Twitter users saw the post as a self-own. They warned Eric Trump to be careful what he wishes for, reminded him how spelling and punctuation matters and mocked Guiliani over that controversial scene in the “Borat” movie. More like drag you down with him @EricTrump Also, punctuation is important.— Travis Bone (@TheRealTBone) 十一月 19, 2020 提醒: he almost took his pants down too.— Kelly (@Kelbre_Griff) 十一月 19, 2020 The funniest bit is that you are paying him to take you (the dirtbags) down. You are the dirtbags. 😂😂😂— thechocolatetarte (@chocolatetarte) 十一月 19, 2020 Also took down his pants in Borat— Thom (@ohhithom) 十一月 19, 2020 Agreed, he is doing a great job of taking down the Trump family.— Peter Curry (@peterlcurry) 十一月 20, 2020 I hope so. P.S. One of them is your dad.— Extremely Over the MOON🌙 (@cestmoisal) 十一月 20, 2020 Um….he misquoted my cousin Vinny and had hair dye running down his face, 但…. You’re right, what a formidable foe he is!— Suzanne Kilgallen 🇺🇲 (@suek81) 十一月 20, 2020 Is Rudy taking Hell down or is Hell taking Rudy down??😂— Chipmunk Whisperer (@ChipmunkWhispe1) 十一月 20, 2020 Does that mean you and your family too? Asking for a friend.— Melissa Neyrey (@neyrey_melissa) 十一月 20, 2020 He took down his pants as well….— Leesy (@LeesyPeesy) 十一月 19, 2020 Careful what you wish for— Wanda Trull (@WandaTrull) 十一月 20, 2020