Funniest Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up The Final 2020 Presidential Debate

Can we just elect the mute button as president? Unlike the previous debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, Thursday night’s showdown was more civil, thanks to the addition of a mute button and moderator Kristen Welker. But it’s understandable if you still decided to tune out because of the chaos of the previous debate or simply because of the lack of flies landing on the candidates’ heads. For those looking for a recap, Jimmy Fallon’s latest “Tonight Show” hashtag has you covered. Ahead of the event, the late night host asked fans to sum up #TheDebateInSixWords, and the results are nothing less than presidential. Hail to the tweets, y’all. Check out the segment above and see Fallon’s favorites below. #thedebateinsixwords originality, clarity, optimism, hope, dreams. KIDDING— JimJEveryDay (@JimJeveryday) ottobre 21, 2020 Did they buy their suits together? #TheDebateInSixWords— Mags O. (@Magzland) ottobre 23, 2020 Twelve more days until I sleep. #TheDebateInSixWords— ThoughtsRMyOwn (@ThoughtsRMyOwn1) ottobre 23, 2020 I’ll wait for the SNL version. #thedebateinsixwords— Tiger von Pagel (@tigervon) ottobre 21, 2020 This Grumpy Old Men sequel sucks. #TheDebateinSixWords— Beer and Pizza, Please (@NickyJoWashko) ottobre 21, 2020 Wonder what the fly’s up to #TheDebateInSixWords— Raisinland (@raisinland) ottobre 23, 2020 #TheDebateInSixWords Worst Episode of The Bachelorette Ever!— amanda13 (@bigdogsjammin) ottobre 22, 2020 Kristen Welker for president. That’s it. #thedebateinsixwords— Nervous for November! (@JIsNervous) ottobre 23, 2020

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