George Clooney Reveals He Cuts His Own Hair With A Flowbee, Reporter Loses It

Many people recently learned how to cut their own hair in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic. But George Clooney? He revealed this weekend that he’s been cutting his own hair for the past 25 연령. “The Midnight Sky” director and actor told CBS “Sunday Morning” that he uses a vacuum suction device, an infomercial product called the Flowbee, to help manage his own flow. “I’ve been cutting my own hair for 25 연령,” the 59-year-old said matter-of-factly. “My hair’s really like straw, you know, and so it’s easy to cut ― can’t really make too many mistakes.” “So, 여러 해 전에, I bought a thing called a Flowbee,” Clooney added, as correspondent Tracy Smith couldn’t help herself from chiming in. “You did not!” Smith exclaimed. “The infomercial?” Actor/director George Clooney tells @thattracysmith that he’s been cutting his own hair for yearsby using the Flowbee haircutting machine— CBS Sunday Morning 🌞 (@CBSSunday) 십일월 29, 2020 The interview then cut away to show a clip of the Flowbee’s infomercial, which showed how the product worked. “It comes with a vacuum cleaner and the clippers,” Clooney continued, with a huge grin on his face. “Yeah ― I still have it.” “Stop it. You don’t use it?” Smith said, still in a state of shock. “My haircuts take literally 2 minutes,"라고 말했다, miming how he moves his head when he uses the Flowbee device. “Is this Flowbee?” Smith said, pointing to Clooney’s current haircut. “Yeah, it’s Flowbee,” the entertainer said, grinning and laughing. “Listen, man, it works!” “That is awesome,” the correspondent added at the end of the clip. Though Clooney didn’t specify which Flowbee device he owns, the products look something like this: Flowbee Flowbee, used by George Clooney himself. It’s the kind of glowing marketing most products only dream about. Flowbee reposted Clooney’s interview on its Facebook page Sunday, writing “‘Listen man it works!’ That’s verbatim from Clooney himself… #flowbeeforlife .” Others on social media were similarly enthused with the actor’s haircut revelation, but some also wondered if it was a prank: Fellow men: Using the Flowbee to cut your hair will NOT make you look like George Clooney. Just putting that out there before you spend your money. 😀— Chad McCullough (@chadmccullough) 십일월 29, 2020 Because 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, Flowbee is about to be Christmas’ hottest gift.Thank you George Clooney.— MARIA TERESA KUMAR #WearAMask (@MariaTeresa1) 십일월 29, 2020 This has to be a joke, does he exercise with a shake weight and thighmaster?— Jeff (@Limonicelo) 십일월 29, 2020 Dude is a known prankster. This is definitely a silly bet or prank between him and his friends.— Ernest C. Smitten (@ErnestC_Smitten) 십일월 29, 2020 Great. My husband’s been using a Flowbee for years and I had to put my foot down last November to force a real haircut before our friendsdaughter’s wedding. Now he’ll never listen to me again— Mary Carroll ⓥ (@MaryC1958) 십일월 29, 2020

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