Graham Says U.S. Has A 'Place' For Women Who Follow 'Traditional Family Structure'

“그것의. 린지 그레이엄 (R-S.C.) assured “young women” on Sunday that there’s a “place” for them in America if they “follow traditional family structure,” “embrace your religion” and oppose abortion. Graham ironically laid down the rules for acceptable women while praising new right-wing Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who would never have attained the position she has by adhering to a traditional family structure, which would typically include a stay-at-home mom. He did not issue any comparable instructions for men. Graham has no wife or children, which would seem to fall under the scope of the “traditional family structure” he mentioned. Presumably, Graham’s tradition requirements would eliminate places in the nation for members of the LGBTQ community. A person close to the senator told The New York Times Sunday that Graham was suggesting that a woman who held Barrett’s conservative views could succeed, and he wasn’t setting preconditions for all women to succeed. But Graham last month said something similar about African Americans. He deemed they could “go anywhere” in his state — provided they’re “conservative, not liberal.” That would eliminate a place in the state for Jaime Harrison, Graham’s Black Democratic rival for his Senate seat. “I care about everybody,” Graham claimed in remarks that were part of a televised interview of both candidates. “If you are a young African American, an immigrant, you can go anywhere in this state. You just need to be conservative, not liberal,” he pointed out. Graham’s latest jaw-dropping statement on women triggered a wall of shocked criticism. Harrison was one of the first to snap back. He reviewed the senator’s dictates concerning Blacks and women, and asked: “Any other requirements we should know about, 린지?” First @LindseyGrahamSC said that Black folks can do anything in SCas long as they’re conservative. Now he says young women can have a place in America if they’re pro-life and come from \traditional families.\Any other requirements we should know about, 린지?— Jaime Harrison (@harrisonjaime) 십일월 1, 2020 As long as you’re just like us, you’ll be fine….geez, this doesn’t have a historical reference anywhere does it? JFC— Tina Morphis #KHive #Humanist #ForthePeople (@TinaMorphis) 십일월 1, 2020 Anyone tell him that their idea of traditional family structure includes women not working or getting higher ed? it was still being embraced in the church I attended in high schoolgirls go to college to get their mrs. or to find a pastoral student to marry.— Colleen Nikstenas (@coniks2) 십일월 1, 2020 Thanks, 린지. You misogynistic fvck.— Yellowdog for Biden (@TNYellowDog) 십일월 1, 2020 Senator Graham really said this. With people watching.He told voters’ daughters that as long as they’re straight, religious (probably Christian only,) married, have kids, and oppose women’s control over their own bodies, they can “go anywhere, young lady.”— Otter Skeleton, M.D. (@wooddogs3) 십일월 1, 2020 Republican values would not allow her on the the Supreme Court. She’d be in the home. 🙄— Venting (@krisbm2) 십일월 1, 2020 I wish amy coney barrett was a stay at home mom.— 👻 M🎃RGAN 👻 (@howlowilltheygo) 십일월 1, 2020 As well as single parent families, non white families, non christian familiesThis is not the 1950s Old white man, women are not going to get back in the kitchen & obey a man or take beatings for disobedience. RETIRE LINDSEY.— Cake is a Lie (@pigpen7877) 십일월 1, 2020 He’s toast. This is 2020, we don’t need some old white guy to tell us how to live.— Elizabeth Rydan (@elizabeth_rydan) 십일월 1, 2020 Traditional family structure doesn’t just degrade LGBTQ, it also degrades people who just choose to remain single and not marry. We tend focus on our careers, many of us serving the public in some form.At one point in time, I would have been called a spinster school marm.— Janine Kube (@KubeJ9) 십일월 1, 2020 So freedom means we should all be the same? Interesting.— Jamie Gregory 📚🖋📒 (@gregorjm) 십일월 1, 2020 If that’s the case Lindsey Graham’s “traditional family” should be joining him on the campaign trailOh that’s right he doesn’t have one does he??— Bewitching Tales 🐝 (@BewitchingTales) 십일월 1, 2020

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