Hillary Clinton Backs Up Kamala Harris After Critic's Column: 'Give Me A Break'

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton isn’t having any of the sexist criticism of Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris. In an interview on SiriusXM on Wednesday, the former Democratic presidential nominee weighed in on a widely panned Wall Street Journal article by conservative columnist Peggy Noonan that accused Harris of coming across as “frivolous” and “insubstantial” because she was visibly having fun on the campaign trail. Noonan said it was “embarrassing” when Harris danced in the rain during a Florida rally. But she didn’t mention anything about President Donald Trump, who has also been busting out moves on the campaign trail. “This commentator who sadly, 안타깝게도, is a woman ― who’s been a right-wing Republican mouthpiece for a long time ― she didn’t say how absurd it was to see Donald Trump kind of galumphing around the stage. It was all about Kamala,” Clinton said. “‘Oh, can someone so frivolous, so prone to being happy, be our vice president?’ Give me a break,” she said with a laugh. But Clinton said she also found the incident encouraging because of how much outrage and backlash it generated. She said she believes Harris, who would become the first woman and first Black and Asian American vice president if elected, would do an excellent job. “I do think Kamala is going to be our vice president, which is enormous in every historic sense we can think of. And then I think she’s going to acquit herself really well,” Clinton said. Looking back at some of the painful attacks leveled against her during her 2016 presidential run, Clinton hoped that having a woman as U.S. vice president would further normalize women running for the nation’s highest offices. Watch her speak below.

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