It's That Time Of Year: Fox News' 'War On Christmas' Gets A Pandemic Twist

“Fox News 진행자 Tucker Carlson은 목요일에 네트워크의 낡은 "크리스마스 전쟁"수사에 팬데믹 시대의 반전을 주었습니다., 휴가를 취소하려고 공중 보건 전문가를 비난. Infectious disease experts and politicians who listen to them have urged Americans to avoid travel, limit large gatherings and heed other safety precautions this holiday season as COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths soar to record-setting highs. This, Carlson claims, is an effort to ruin Christmas. “If death is inevitablemaybe we should pause before we destroyed the living in the name of trying to eliminate it,” he declared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “Politicians understand this threat. They figured out that Christmas is bigger than they are, and therefore it’s a threat to them. Better cancel it. 사실로, they’re trying hard.” Right-wingers like Tucker Carlson have not only politicized the virus but they’ve decided they’re on the side of the virus— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) 12 월 4, 2020 He aired a clip of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, urging people to minimize travel and “indoor-type congregate settings.” Carlson accused Fauci of using complicated language, telling his viewers, “What Fauci is saying here in English is that you need to avoid going to church. You need to avoid your own family.” “Those are the congregate settings he just mentioned ― you need to spend Christmas alone. It’s important. All the experts agree with that.” He then attacked an official from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for offering the same message. The so-called War on Christmas is a narrative that Fox News, President Donald Trump and others on the right have long peddled. The network has claimed for years that the Christian holiday and its customs are somehow under siege. A HuffPost Guide To Coronavirus Which airlines are blocking out middle seats for holiday travel? How does the coronavirus spread differently than the flu? Can you close your COVID “bubble” without losing friends forever? Is it safe to see grandparents over the holidays? How can you help a friend with anxiety when you’re also struggling? Everyone deserves accurate information about COVID-19. Support journalism without a paywall — and keep it free for everyone — by becoming a HuffPost member today.

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