James Corden Roasts Eric Trump For Telling People To Vote 1 Week Too Late

Maybe it’s starting to make sense why President Donald Trump isn’t conceding the 2020 선거. His family seems to think it’s still going on. 화요일에, Eric Trump’s Twitter account sent out a message telling Minnesota to “get out and vote.” The problem is voting ended over a week ago. The tweet (which may have been the result of a scheduling error) led to the president’s son getting roasted on Twitter, and “The Late Late Show” couldn’t resist, either. “I mean, the lines are gonna be shorter,” host James Corden quipped on Tuesday. Though Corden spent a good portion of his segment mocking the Trumps for not accepting President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, he did find something positive about Eric’s errant tweet. “Now, before you judge — here’s what I’ll say,” Corden said. “You’ve got to grade this guy on a curve. He spelled ‘Minnesota’ correctly, and that’s a huge win for him.” But the comedian wasn’t done. According to Corden, someone should also tell Trump’s son it’s a little late to be tweeting about last month’s NBA Finals. And when it comes to a certain possible Oscar winner, Eric’s living in la-la land. See it in the video below:

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