Jimmy Fallon Explains The Reason For Trump's Bizarre Dance Moves

Donald Trump puts the why in “Y.M.C.A.” The president recently went viral for his bizarre dance to the famous Village People song at a Florida rally, and Jimmy Fallon may know the reason behind the president’s interesting moves. Maandag, the “Tonight Show” host brought up Trump’s dance, saying though people were giving the president flak over it, there’s a simple explanation behind his moves: Trump was doing a TikTok challenge. Sure, Trump may not have always been the biggest fan of TikTok, but you have to admit his herky-jerky motions make a lot more sense if he was actually trying to do moves called the “Door-to-Door Roomba Salesman” and “World’s Whitest Fist Bump.” You can see for yourself in the video above around the 5:20 merk. But, really, how else do you explainthis

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