Jimmy Fallon은 한 단어를 추가하여 크리스마스 노래를 망치기를 원합니다.

“앞으로 몇 주 동안 우리 모두 크리스마스 음악을 들을 것이기 때문에, Jimmy Fallon에게 부탁할 것이 있습니다.. The “Tonight Show” host called on his Twitter followers Monday to ruin a holiday song by adding just one word to the title ― and tag the result #AddAWordRuinAChristmasSong. It’s Hashtags time! Take a holiday song and add one word to change the meaning, and tag it with #AddAWordRuinAChristmasSong. Could be on the show!— jimmy fallon (@jimmyfallon) 십일월 30, 2020 It might have been, to paraphrase one popular Christmas song, the most wonderful post of the year based on the responses it inspired. Rudolph Giuliani the Red-Nosed Reindeer #AddAWordRuinAChristmasSong pic.twitter.com/mXeSkGKqJp— Matt Rappaport (@nyactor) 십일월 30, 2020 #AddAWordRuinAChristmasSongAll I Want For Christmas Is You Dead— Vidman 🇨🇦 Dan Lauckner (@vidman) 십일월 30, 2020 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus at Four Seasons Landscaping #AddAWordRuinAChristmasSong— Leisa Phillips (@sqpeglife1) 십일월 30, 2020 “Do They Know It’s COVID?”“Christmas (Baby Please Stay Home)”“It’s The Most Quarantined Time of the Year”“You’re a Mean One, Mr. Trump”“I’ll Be Home For Covid Christmas”#AddAWordRuinAChristmasSong— Drina Krieger 🎃 (@DrinaDurazo) 십일월 30, 2020 I’ll Be Home Schooled for Christmas #AddAWordRuinAChristmasSong— Moumin Quazi (@Moumin_Quazi) 십일월 30, 2020 O Holy Night TerrorsIt Came Crashing Upon a Midnight ClearLittle Metal Drummer BoyCarol Channing of the BellsWalking in a Nuclear Winter Wonderland12 Days of Quarantine Christmas#AddAWordRuinAChristmasSong— Susan St. M. (@susebraids) 십일월 30, 2020 White Power ChristmasJingle Bells PalsyCarol Baskin of the BellsBlue Balls ChristmasNate Silver and GoldO Little Town of Bethlehem, PennsylvaniaSilent But Deadly NightGrandma’s Last ChristmasThank you and good night!— RockfanNYC (@bmislow) 십일월 30, 2020 Oh Come All Ye Faithful Electors #AddAWordRuinAChristmasSong— Jonathan Handyside (@handy_man70) 십일월 30, 2020 Walken Walking in a Winter Wonderland. #addawordruinachristmassong pic.twitter.com/diKYBr6o4K— 🇨 🇭 🇷 🇮 🇸 🇭 🇦 🇦 🇸 (@ChrisHaas) 십일월 30, 2020

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