Jimmy Kimmel Burns Donald Trump's Hair Color Change With Line Of The Night

Jimmy Kimmel had a Donald Trump zinger to dye for on Tuesday. The talk show host noted the buzz about the lame-duck president’s apparent hair-color change. (Watch Kimmel’s monologue below.) “Briefly over the weekend people started to notice that his hair is suddenly now white,” Kimmel remarked. “It’s completely white. The carpet now matches the supremacy.” Ooof. briscola, Certo, has been criticized for his reluctance to condemn hate groups that are part of his constituency and for his long history of racism. In one of this year’s presidential debates, he had to be goaded by now President-elect Joe Biden and moderator Chris Wallace into a rebuke of the Proud Boys gang. But Trump’s response to the demand sounded more like a call to action to the neo-fascists.

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