Jimmy Kimmel Has The Undeniable Proof Trump Didn’t Make America Great Again

Jimmy Kimmel says it’s pretty clear that President Donald Trump didn’t “make America great again” as his campaign slogan vowed. Ahead of Election Day, businesses are boarding up and even the White House has erected a fence over fears of unrest related to the outcome. Kimmel said: “The fact that people are boarding up their businesses for an election should alarm us. If anyone needed any more proof that he didn’t make America great again, there’s plywood in the windows at the Wetzel’s Pretzels across the street from us. Our pretzels are being threatened by this man. What else do you need? You’d think we were preparing for a zombie attack.” As for that White House barrier, Kimmel cracked: “Took four years, but Trump finally got his wall built.” See his full monologue below: