Joe Biden On Cusp Of 2020 Election Victory As Swing State Vote Counts Trickle In

Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden entered Thursday with an increasingly clear path to the presidency, with vote totals released late Wednesday appearing grim for President Donald Trump. Questions remain around five states. The Associated Press and Fox News both projected a victory for Biden in Arizona on Tuesday night, but no other network has since. The gap has narrowed during continued vote-tallying, but Biden still leads by nearly 70,000 votes. In Georgia, Biden has eroded much of Trump’s lead, with an estimated 96% of votes counted. In Nevada, Biden leads by 8,000 votes. The state is expected to release the bulk of its remaining vote total on Thursday morning local time. In North Carolina, Trump leads by more than 75,000 votes, with an estimated 95% of votes counted. He appears to be in a strong position to win the state. And in Pennsylvania, Biden still trails by more than 130,000 votes. 然而, he closed the gap considerably as counting continued in the populous state Wednesday. Given current trends, many observers expect Biden to ultimately win the state. Trump’s path to a second term has become increasingly narrow. To hold on to the White House, he would need to win Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. In only one of those states — North Carolina — does he appear strongly favored to win. 拜登, 另一方面, can secure the electoral votes to win the presidency in numerous ways: A victory in Pennsylvania would put him over the top, as would wins in any of the two other remaining states.