John Oliver Names The Donald Trump Question That 'Pisses' Him Off The Most

““Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver has revealed the question he gets asked about the Trump era that probably annoys him the most. Namely, whether he thinks the comedy about the chaos and division caused by President Donald Trump and his administration over the last four years has written itself. “If they were trying to hurt you, it wouldn’t matter as much. Then you would internalize, saying, ‘Oh you want to be mean. You’ve said something you know distresses me. Congratulations,’” Oliver told Seth Meyers on Wednesday’s episode of “Late Night.” “It’s the genuine question that pisses me off far, far more, and you know it’s coming a lot now,” he added. Later in the interview, Oliver likened people saying “it must have been fun” to cover the Trump administration to telling the residents of Elm Street that they would miss the fictional serial killer Freddy Krueger. “No I’m not going to miss Freddy, you fucking asshole,” he quipped. Check out the video here:

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