Join The Conversation Around Elections And Politics

“HuffPost illustrasie In 'n onlangse peiling, een van HuffPost-lede se mees gevraagde kenmerke was 'n samevatting van leserskommentaar. During this historic U.S. election campaign, we know our readers will have a lot to say. And we want to hear it! Throughout election week, we are launching three forums where you’ll find conversations on these issues: The presidential race Down-ballot races and measures Voting issues These forums will include Q&As with HuffPost politics reporters Paul Blumenthal and Ariel Edwards-Levy, who will answer your questions about voting and polling in the comments. Our hope is that focusing on a few hot election topics will result in robust conversation, where you can weigh in on the most important election issues of the day – and hear from journalists covering these issues as well. We’ll focus our moderators here to ensure the conversation remains civil and fact-checked. And we’ll highlight the best comments in our roundups. We hope you’ll join us there! Daarby, we’re pleased to announce a new feature: “Mute.” If you want to stop seeing posts by some other commenters, you now have the ability to mute them from your view. Simply click the menu button (three dots) on the top right corner of one of their posts, then select “mute” from the dropdown menu. Finally, we’re hosting a virtual Zoom event on Friday featuring Washington bureau chief Amanda Terkel, senior White House correspondent Shirish Date and senior politics reporter Kevin Robillard. We’ll recap the week and answer your questions live. The event is open to members only, so sign up here.

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