Just 23 Hilarious Jokes About Nevada’s Excruciatingly Slow Ballot Count

Nevada could be Joe Biden’s ace in the hole. But unfortunately, it’s taking the Silver State an awful lot of time to count all of its ballots for the 2020 presidential election — causing many to, well, do a variety of things to kill the time. Fortunately, some are taking to social media to produce some much-needed humor about the situation to help quell their anxiety. Dus, while you twiddle your thumbs and wait with bated breath, here’s 23 solid jokes you can read to help … pass … the … time. Watching Nevada try to count their ballots is like watching my mother try to google something.— Bess Kalb (@bessbell) November 5, 2020 Nevada counting ballots pic.twitter.com/GC85ZFZdMd— Liz Jenkins (@ej11lizzie) November 5, 2020 Nevada vote counters pic.twitter.com/qe51QjtTPy— Steadman™ (@AsteadWesley) November 5, 2020 nevada gonna walk in w an iced coffee with these counted ballots and I respect that— Tabir Akhter (@tabir) November 5, 2020 Us : Nevada we waiting on y’all 😭😭 Nevada : pic.twitter.com/VLjJlqHSy4— Zhu Lí 😈 (@AMPARADOXXX) November 5, 2020 y’all rushing tf out of Nevada. girl we 50th in education give us a second we can’t count 😌— tanas😷 (@wintanagebrai) November 4, 2020 @therealpuffdagoat Nevada come on sis we’re waiting 💙 … ##election ##vote ##biden2020 ##electionday ##presidentialelection ##democrat ##joebiden ##electionhumor ♬ original soundAll Blvck 🦋 nevada watching everyone tweet at them instead of counting the votes pic.twitter.com/trV1MgJngO— loser ☆ (@tristehomo) November 4, 2020 We need him on a flight from Sesame Street to Nevada ASAPpic.twitter.com/yENovVRuAL— Chico Bean (@chicoBean) November 5, 2020 Nevada is that friend who says they’re on their way but is actually still lying around in a towel— Lauren Strapagiel (@laurenstrapa) November 4, 2020 Everyone: Nevada we’re waiting!!!Nevada: pic.twitter.com/La95ilJV6S— Saint Hoax (@SaintHoax) November 5, 2020 @colbystired (thisisntflying on twtr) ##bluesclues ##election ##nevada ##biden2020 ##trump2020 ♬ original soundcolby View this post on Instagram Tag THAT friend A post shared by The TipsyDrunk (@tipsydrunk) op Nov 4, 2020 by 6:45pm PST Us: Nevada please count fasterNevada: pic.twitter.com/VxebgtUigv— Scott Simpson (@scottsimpson) November 5, 2020 All of us trying to get Nevada’s attention pic.twitter.com/QGOJ2PkTLR— COOCHIE MANE (@ChamistaLiz) November 5, 2020 Nevada: I’m leaving the house right now!Also Nevada: pic.twitter.com/VNUvfvTEWm— Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) November 5, 2020 Live footage of Nevada working on those ballots pic.twitter.com/14RrZ2Ce8w— Miss Cuffy, Unstable Genius🥃🔥 (@MissGFYCuffy) November 5, 2020 How they’re counting votes in Nevada 😤 pic.twitter.com/aE4EAYzqPK— Benjamin Okeyo (@15th_Gemini) November 5, 2020 this the mf counting the votes in Nevada rn😭 pic.twitter.com/T63KfIPIF4— alan 💫 (@drinkablesprite) November 4, 2020 Everyone waiting for Nevada numbers: Nevada: pic.twitter.com/gmomVxKGHl— TheOdd1sOut (@theodd1sout) November 4, 2020 All of us waiting on Nevada:Nevada: pic.twitter.com/2uomq9cdvI— Jess 🌻 (@TheJessLyfe) November 5, 2020 Nevada: counts 1 single vote pic.twitter.com/00mJxinbwt— Nana Kwame (@TheAbrahamAsare) November 5, 2020 me counting the rest of arizona and nevada’s votes myself pic.twitter.com/6fvGjJU7TV— katie (@tiredkatt) November 5, 2020

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