Kaley Cuoco Thought Club Was Yelling Her Name. But Her Hair Was On Fire.

“Kaley Cuoco thought she had too much fame. It was actually too much flame. The former “Big Bang Theory” star was shooting her new HBO Max show “The Flight Attendant” in Rome before the pandemic when she partied the night away at a local club, she recalled Monday on “The Tonight Show.” The actor told host Jimmy Fallon that she and her crew began pounding shots when a pal’s eyes got big at the sight of Cuoco and a man swooped in from behind her in what Cuoco thought was an attack. Cuoco heard chants of “Cuoco, Cuoco, Cuoco,” believing she was “too famous to be here.” Nope. They were screaming fuoco, Italian for fire. “My hair had completely caught on fire,” she said. “This man who I thought was attacking me in a club in Rome was actually saving my life.” Watch Cuoco tell the story above.




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